Do you have a Leigh?

  1. If you have a Leigh please post your pics here! I love the style and details of the Leigh so I am wondering if anyone else has the same love and feeling I do for the Leigh. Here are my twins:
  2. Here is my chocolate signature Leigh. I'm usually a leather girl, but the Legacy chocolate signature is just amazing. Its probably my all time favorite bag ever.
    leigh smallest.JPG
  3. I heard that there is a gardenia/khaki Leigh coming out in the spring so I think I may have to scoop this one up or the chocolate one you have. Decisions decisions!
  4. I know - they are all so beautiful. I love your leather ones too. The choc sig gorgeous, but not too springy, so I'll have to see what they come out with in some lighter colors. I'd love a leather one next!
  5. Also in the spring catalogue they have the Leigh coming out in Rose. It is a gorgeous color! It is like the raisin but a more pink color. Ehhh why Coach, why do you do this to me?!?! lol
  6. Ill have to check that one out. I'm not a "pink" girl but I can definitely do a lighter raisin shade!!! I know, just when you think you found your perfect bag, out comes another that I you just have to have!!
  7. I know! I loved the jade but it looked like it showed scratches to much. Both the jade and the raisin had this problem which stinks.
  8. I think the Leigh is very pretty!!! How does the Leigh compare with Mandy in weight? I wondered if the chain on the Leigh really added alot of weight.
  9. I think the bag is very lightweight compared to other legacy bags I have tried on. I love it. I would've returned it if it were to heavy because my shoulders cramp alot so it is hard for me to carry heavy bags. If you are looking for a beautiful lightweight bag this is the one!
  10. I have a raisin Leigh, but no pics. I love my Leigh and I like the fact that the raisin scratches up and looks all vintage. :heart:
  11. Here's mine:

    Chocolate Leigh

  12. Wow I love you chocolate Leigh! It looks great with the purple initial charms. Great color choices!
  13. I don't have one (a little too heavy for me), but I stared at the citron one on display in Ala Moana today!! Haha!! It's a very gorgeous bag!!
  14. I also have a raisin Leigh--never thought I could love a bag so much!!! I immediately fell in love with the style when it came out last summer and finally bought mine during the last PCE. Maybe I'll post a picture tomorrow when I have more time.

    Yes, it is a bit heavy compared to other bags. Mine probably pushes 3 lbs when loaded with my stuff. But it's worth it. :yes:
  15. Here's my Khaki/Coal Signature Leigh. Absolutely my most favorite bag ever.
    I apologize if I'm posting too many pics.