Do you have a KINDLE? (ereader) Official thread: Please discuss

  1. I have heard about waterproof kindles and find this very interesting. I am ordinarily very pro-book, but some books can only be bought in paperback, which are harder to keep nice. The idea of sitting in a bath and reading sounds nice to me.

    So are most of them waterproof or do you have to specifically seek out waterproof ones?:hrmm:
  2. I'm in the same boat. When I saw 7-9 weeks I nearly fell off my chair! I ordered mine on 27th November and I'm already counting down!
  3. I have a waterproof cover but I have never heard of a waterproof Kindle. Where did you see one?

  4. I heard about it on this forum. But the person may just have meant that it comes with one of the covers you mentioned. It's hard to see how an electronic device like that could be waterproof.
  5. ^^I think thats what they meant...I haven't read anywhere where they say there is a waterproof Kindle...
  6. I made the jump from a kindle 2 to a kindle 3! I gave my old one to my brother when my dad bought me the kindle 3 as an early xmas gift. I love it! The better contrast makes it worth it (for me) - the smaller size and weight, and the graphite color are nice features, but it feels so much easier on the eyes to read darker fonts against a lighter background. I don't think it's necessary, but if you do a lot of reading, it may be worth it.
  7. Thanks for the feedback! I'll probably be making the jump soon.
  8. I have kindle2--I've had it for a year? So far so good. No complaints. I bought my fiance a kindle3 for Christmas, still waiting for delivery.
  9. I don't have a kindle. Is it like having a computer though?
  10. I had my heart set on getting a kindle so I could read it in the bath. I heard about the waterproof covers they come in.

    So I went to Amazon to look at various kindles and covers and was quite suprised by the number of negative reveiws about both. People were saying how the new 3G one they are selling on Amazon freezes and how fragile the screen is. A lot of people said they had to return theirs and bargain with Amazon to get a replacement. One person even said theirs was a dud so they asked for a replacement and the replacement was a dud too. Also, I think some of the positive reviews may have come from Amazon staff, because after one guy said he preferred the Sony reader, the next review said how much better the Amazon one was than the Sony reader. Then a guy complained about the price and then a review shortly thereafter was saying how great the price was.

    So I'm interested to know if your experiences with specific brand of kindle has been positive or negative, and it would be really good to hear from anyone who has a kindle and a waterproof cover and has had no problems with it so far (and what brands they are).

  11. It's a little less than a computer. I've found a lot of people expect it to have full laptop or desktop capabilities, but it's main purpose is just an e-reader. It has a full web browser, but it shows up in the black and white e-ink. You can get Word and PDF files on it, but I don't believe you can make changes to them. There's a few games from Amazon you can get on it as well, but I'd say it leans more towards reading than being a computer.
  12. Agreed, it's definitely a single-purpose device, and it strives to do one thing REALLY well (and I think it does!). There's less distractions on it than a computer, as a result. Also, much easier on the eyes!
  13. I just got the new one and really like it.
  14. I upgraded to the latest generation Kindle a few months ago, and just experienced the freezing issue for the first time last week. Apparently it is caused by the type of cover you put on your Kindle:

    Kindle readers' complaints heard by Amazon as company to offer refunds for e-reader covers


    THE KINDLE e-reader is making some users nostalgic for paper. is offering refunds or replacements of a cover for its Kindle e-book reader after customers complained that the accessory was interfering with their ability to use the device.

    Engineers are looking into the matter, said Drew Herdener, a spokesman for Internet giant Amazon. He said a "small number" of customers had contacted the company.

    Users in Amazon's online forums complained that a leather Amazon-branded cover that costs $34.99 was causing the Kindle to freeze and lose track of pages.

    The Kindle is Amazon's best-selling item and the refunds come during the holiday shopping season, the company's busiest time of year.

    "There have been some forum discussions regarding the non-lighted Kindle cover," Amazon said in a blog posting yesterday. For those with the problem, the post said, "We will be pleased to replace it for free or accept a return for a full refund, no matter when the cover was purchased."

    The cover, which fits the $139 Wi-Fi-only version of the Kindle, weighs 13.4 ounces, according to the Amazon site, and comes in seven colors, including black, chocolate brown and hot pink. introduced the Wi-Fi-exclusive Kindle in July, promising a higher-contrast screen, faster page turns and up to one month of battery life.

    The Kindle and e-books will likely account for 8% of Amazon sales this year, according to Caris analyst Sandeep Aggarwal. Amazon doesn't disclose Kindle sales figures.

    Amazon shares slipped 46 cents to $177.58 yesterday, although the stock is up about 32% this year.