Books & Music Do you have a KINDLE? (ereader) Official thread: Please discuss

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  1. Just got a Kindle, no choice in picking, was a gift. Does anyone have a cover they love?
  2. There is a little information throughout this thread (youll have to search through) with the different covers people have.

    I have the cover that gacats (above) posted. I like it, but don't love it. The light is nice and I really like it on flights. I find airplane lights just aren't enough so having a light that pops out is nice. It's also nice to be lighted since I used to carry an attached light for my old kindle which I constantly lost or the battery would die. This one uses your kindle to charge (the battery still lasts forever). The case is very compact and stylish. My only complaint is that there is no pocket. I can't believe they didn't include a pocket. But I would agree, this is the best cover I've seen so far.
  3. That's the one I ended up ordering. My only worries are 1, that it will be too heavy to carry in my purse and 2, is there anything that keeps it from coming open in my purse(a latch or strap)? Thanks to anyone that replies.
  4. There is a strap that comes around and holds it wont pop open in your purse. And it isn't heavy at all. You probably wont even notice it in your purse. I carry mine with me a lot and i've never noticed any problems. As I said before, other than not having a pocket I think it is the perfect case.
  5. Thanks! Can't wait to get it in mail, mine sleeps in it's box now!
  6. ^^love the gold one, maybe I'll need two. I got my case and I love it, I think the light is just the right amount.
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    jburgh here: I merged the existing Kindle threads to a central thread...Here is the start.

    Do you have a KINDLE? (ereader) Official thread: Please discuss
    You can discuss differences between Kindle models, features, functionality and sales/deals here too!

    I'm really interested in getting a Kindle 3, probably the wifi version for $139. I was wondering if anybody has it yet and if they can give me some reviews of their experiences. I really want to get back into reading and I am hoping that this will help. I'm the kind of person who wants the newest and shiniest thing out there which is why I am considering this over the Nook which has been out for a while. Also, if you own a nook and can give me some comparisons it would be really helpful too!
  8. I have the new Kindle (wifi) and I love it!!! I haven't had any problems with it and have read several books (downloading is a breeze!).

    I had a nook last February and it locked up on me right away so I returned it. I know many people don't have any problems with their nook, but I wasn't willing to take the risk again.

    I think both are good and yet both have had their issues. IMO, whatever gets you reading, keeps your mind active and busy is a good thing!
  9. Cheermom, how do you feel abt the selection of free books? I know this is a main arguing point for people with Nooks. They can get free books at the library. How exactly does that work?

    Back to the Kindle, did you get the lighted case? It seems a bit pricey at $60 but it has a cool feature.

    Do you use your kindle for new releases or classics or a mix of both?

    Sorry for all the questions! I'm just really excited about possibly getting one.
  10. I really love my Kindle. I was so disappointed when the Nook was a lemon and so I waited a long time before buying another ereader. I have the iPad but that is heavy and not comfortable to read on. I have already bought a Kindle to give to my dad and one for my aunt for Christmas presents. I like it that much. ;)
  11. Hi Kindle lovers! :P Anyone try the new games on Kindle? I tried Scrabble which is addictive, that Panda game which I don't get and Solitaire which I haven't tried yet. I know there are others. Anyone have a game recommendation?
  12. there's no place to get a deal on a kindle right? my mom wants the 3g one for christmas... thanks!
  13. You can buy the K2 cheap right now but the newest model is the same price everywhere. I even saw them at Target the other day.