Do you have a jungle NF?

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  1. If you do, tell me how do you like it so far? Do you see yourself keeping the bag for a long time or will you perhaps get tired of it after a few seasons and sell?

    I dint like the print at first, but the. Fell in love when I saw the cosmetic pouch. I bought it and think its beautiful. So now the NF is on my mind. This will be my first NF and I will wear it cinched coz I'm too small for the mm size.

    What do u think? Should I pull the trigger?
  2. I have had mine for the past month and have used her for about two weeks straight. I really like it, can see me falling in and out of love with her but won't sell. No chipping issues for me unlike some other users. I think the older she gets the more I will appreciate it.
  3. I returned mine, it didn't fit in my wardrobe. Still like the palm print though.
  4. I love my jungle NF. I think it's going to be so great for summer and I think the red and blue palm dot combo will be great for fall too. The weather here has been so yucky as of late so I haven't really been able to use it as much as I would like. I think this print makes the neverfull which is a very common bag, unique and fun. I also like how it adds a pop of color to my otherwise darker wardrobe. Here is my using her the other day.

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  5. Looks great on you with the color scheme you are wearing. I'm also hesitant because I'm not sure how it'll go with my wardrobe. I wear lots of blues, blacks, grey and pinks and also multi colored prints. I am thinking of the pink/red dot NF. I live in a country that's summer all year round so I think i'm fine with the summery print.

    ANd it'll be my first NF, do you recommend the style?
  6. I love the NF style. Can fit a bunch of stuff in it and it's so light weight, would recommend it to anyone. I think this bag is a great buy, happy shopping!
  7. thank you. one last question. do you find the straps cut into your shoulder when you have more stuff in it? especially if you're not wearing a coat/sweater?
  8. The straps have never bother me and I have the tiny, scrawny alien shoulders, atleast that's what my friends call them.
  9. HAHA. better than my fat ones i guess! :P
    and the double straps do not fall off your shoulders?
  10. Nope not at all. I find bags with one strap have issues staying on but not with the two straps.
  11. I have the Jungle NF in Sugar Pink and I really love the design and the colors. Have used her only one time yet, but I will use her soon, if the weather is fine. At the moment she is getting some tan :smile:. I can't imagine to sell her soon and I'm sure I will like the design for a long time. I love palms, Neverfull and the colors, so what shall happen?
  12. I've had my Palm Springs NV for 2 weeks now and am in love with it. It's going to be so great for summer, and such fun colors. I went with the pink :smile: