Do you have a holiday birthday?

  1. St Patrick's Day made me think of this. I have a friend who was born on that day.

    I was born on Christmas Day and people always comment on being shortchanged on gifts (which is true, it does happen!). I also have friends born on Halloween and Valentine's Day.

    Does anyone else have a holiday birthday?
  2. Mine is on Thanksgiving every so many years.
  3. I was born March 31. I'm always called an 'Easter baby' by my I was not born on Easter Sunday. I guess since they are so close...

  4. Likewise...

    November 25th :biggrin:
  5. Nope, but I was supposed to be born on July 3rd and my dad kept trying to convince my mom to wait (like that's possible!) until July 4th...I was born July 6th :biggrin:
  6. My birthday falls on Memorial Day most years so I always say that they declared a three day weekend for me:yahoo:
  7. Every time my birthday is on a Sunday, it's Mother's Day. My mom and I have a double celebration then. :heart:

  8. So is my DD's

    Mine falls on Labor Day every so many years too! Gotta like a long weekend (in the States anyway) for your B-Day!!
  9. My Birthday is three days after Christmas and I have a twin sister. Not only did we get one gift to share, we always got one cake. Is it too much to ask for my own birthday cake??

    I should just be thankful my bday doesn't fall on Christmas.
  10. Wow, so is mine!!! I am the 29th. I love it because I am almost always off on my bday! I guess we're Gemini twins. LOL
  11. my birthday is in early april, so it has fallen on easter before
  12. Halloween right here! It's also the anniversary of my engagement!
  13. My birthday is on Flag Day. So luckily I get a perfect amount of gift refills at every 6 months.

  14. Wow, that's definitely tough!! Hopefully now you get your own cake though....;)
  15. Hey, the 29th of May is my anniversary! And I know 2 other people with that birthday. What a great day! :yes: