Do you have a Hermes & LV? A question...

  1. For those of you wonderful ladies out there with a Hermes bag and LVs...

    I have a question of durability for you....I know that Hermes bags are truely well crafted...I have had friends of my moms pieces to examine before and I did notice this right away...but...

    Is the Heremes truely more durable and that much better overall in quality???

    I soooo wanted to hear from you gals that can compare one vs the other in detail.....:sweatdrop:
  2. sorry, can't help ya, I only have LVs thus far........perhaps in another 10 years after I graduate from uni, then i'll be able to afford an Hermes! lol
  3. I wish I could help you out, but I don't have an Hermes either. Gotta put 2 kids in private school starting from kindergarten... I don't think I could afford to spend that much on a bag for myself.
  4. Ill wait for ya!!:yes:
  5. I can sooo relate...I have only one and his been in private all this time too...I dont like Hermes (thank goodness).....and I dont personally think that its worth the money (dont like the style all that much either) and wanted to know the details of the durability and quality vs. LV.....
  6. I have both! As far as quality goes Hermes are handmade and their leathers are wonderful. As far as durability my bags are all the same age and are wearing the same. I am really happy with both my LVs and Hermes. I can't say that Hermes should cost sooo much more because of workmanship. I have had no quality issues with either LV or Hermes. Hope this helps. :flowers:
  7. I can't describe it but the workmanship of H bags is unbelievable. I never understood the appeal of Hermes until I actually held one in my hands!:love: The leather, the smell, the craftsmanship, the detail, etc. And you can't stop at just one (I promise you)!!!:hysteric:You want to own them ALL!!!:angel::sweatdrop:

    As for durability, I would assume they should last you a life time.
  8. I never understood the thing about Hermes either.. until I held Irene's. :graucho:

    It's definitely of a different league !
  9. Yes!!!!!! Thank you!!!!! Hermes bags are beautifuly made for sure...but I feel the same way about the quality of it......

    Do you think that Hermes will wear much longer than LVs in the long run though? Hermes is so known to last from one generation to the this true??
  10. How so? What are the difference that are significant?? I know that for sure it is better crafted and detailed than LVs....but quality and durablility wise...I dont see such a difference.....:shrugs:
  11. I have LV, but sadly no Hermes- but I am lusting after a black clemence birkin 45 with palladium hardware :girlsigh: :love:
  12. I think both brands can be handed down. :yes: The difference is really in the materials and craftsmanship (all handmade). It's subjective though. I love my Speedy 25 just as much as my Evelyne. But the LV cost a third of the Hermes. But to me they are both totally worth it because they are both great bags! :smile:
  13. Well the LVs monogram ones are actually just coated canvas...whereas Hermes Birkins and Kellys are full leather, so it's really not comparing apples with apples if you know what I mean.

    Some Hermes leathers can be conditioned after 20 years and be made to look almost like new (depending on your usage of course)...but that alone speaks of workmanship that cannot be matched by any other brand. Then again, I'm very partial to Hermes :smile:

    The LV monogram prints can fade with time and use too :smile:
  14. I guess it's a personal preference. I honestly think that most of LVs are overpriced but that's a whole dif. story. I am not knocking down LV (I could NEVER as it was my first designer love) but I guess one has to grow into something (like Hermes) on their own. Or not. You can't just follow the trend (not for this kind of $$$). It has to feel right to you. I feel like it's my time to move on and emrase something else. I enjoy reading up and learning about Hermes brand now (the way I did learn about LV 10 years ago). I feel like my taste in many things has changed. It's not about status or exclusivity for me. (I bet you that when I carry my H bags in the area where I live NO ONE even knows what they are) It's been said over and over (in previous threads) that you can't really compare the two. Again, it all comes down to personal preference.
  15. Yah, I agree with Irene it's a personal preference and it's also based on how your style evolves and changes. I have mostly LV's but hopefully getting a Hermes Birkin very soon! Muhahahaha!