Do you have a Gryson Jessie or Molly?

  1. I am really wanting a Gryson handbag and I have seen some posts that Nordstrom Rack has some. So far, I have found a lot of Jessies and Mollies at Nordstrom Rack but I haven't seen any posts on tPF talking about either style. It seems that the concensus is that Olivia and Skye are the ones to get but I can't pass up this deal so I was wondering if you have a Gryson Jessie or Molly, can you share your opinion of them?

    Plus, most of these bags have scratches. I am thinking that if the scratches are light (like from fingernails), then a leather conditioner will get them right out. If the scratches are deeper, they won't. I have read several posts about how to care for these bags but I was wondering if you have scratched your Gryson, have the scratches been easy to care for with your leather conditioner? What were the results?

    Thanks ladies.
  2. not a huge fan of Gryson :sad: I agree though, the Skye is my fave of all of them... don't cave in becuase it's a sale get it cuz you are in love with it!
  3. Urbngirl, don't cave. I saw both handbags at NR this past weekend, and even the sale price isn't worth it. They are great bags - but damn, girl, after I spent a good five minutes trying to open the clasp on one I put it back. I could only imagine my future life with one of those bags. And they were pretty scratched up - too. I was oh-so-tempted, 'cause they are great prices ... but I'm saving for the apparently-custom-made Hayden-Harnett I'm going to have to get if they don't come out with the Inka in persian rose. Dammit.
  4. I caved. I bought 4. It's one rate to ship so I figure- just buy them, see them IRL, then decide. I think Molly and Jessie are so cute. If you think about it, there is so much we deal with bags even with their oddities. For example, it takes me forever to find anything in my LV Speedy since it's so huge. I always miss phone calls. Is Hayden-Harnett going to custom make bags? Even HH is a hit or miss as I am not completely happy with my mercer satchel.