Do you have a friend...

  1. ...that doesn't "get" your bag obsession and says mean things that actually hurt your feelings? I never forgot this, and though I do not even consider this person a friend anymore(we don't talk, and I told her to pound sand, pretty much), I still remember her rude comments.
    3 or 4 years ago there was a Kate Spade paisley bag that I fell in love with instantly. It was REALLY bright and 70's looking and I HAD to have it right then. We were at the mall together and she kept telling me how ugly it was and how could it be so expensive.(it was 250ish). I bought it anyway. From then on she referred to it as "the ugly bag". She even made comments about it to our other friends. Why did I buy it, etc. I explained that it was not ugly, but not her style. Fine. She is one of those girls that won't pay more than 20 or 30 dollars for a bag and they are ALL black with white whipstiching. In other words, she doesn't use a bag as an accessory. A few years later, I had a bag I loved(croc leather in a crazy shade of beige-just gorgeous-and I got a lot of compliments on it-I even had a man comment that it must have been VERY expensive-it was) I picked her up at the airport and the first thing out of her mouth was not even hi. She said..."THAT's ugly!". I reiterated that it was "just not her style". It burned me up. I made a point to let her know a year or 2 ago when I sold the Kate Spade for more than I paid for it, that it was still a nice bag that held its value and someone else liked it. Like I said, I do not talk to her or consider her a friend anymore, as she was just too rude for me to be around, but I wonder if anything like this has happened to anyone else here?:wtf:
  2. I know what you mean..I had a friend who always commented on my is that new? YUCK! kinda...pissed me off...hardly talk to her nowadays!
  3. I think we all have a friend/familymember or so who comments on or buys (not justs bags), especially designer. I have a bestfriend who does, but it's just her personality and i told her to stop it and she has. But when they hurt you i think the best thing is to just ditch them. Makes you a better person.
  4. MIL actually said that she won't buy bags for more than $20! DH let it slip that I'm into expensive bags (she doesnt know the prices) so I kinda felt put in the spot when she said she hears that I like expensive bags and that she never spends more than 20 bucks! er...I said you could find bags at the swap meet for $6....HAHA
  5. Yeah, I am just amazed at how rude people can be, I guess. I cannot imagine what I would be like if a bag was just "something I carry things in" and not an accessory I love!
  6. sometimes Im not sure if my MIL is being rude or what? cause she always says stuff with a smile?? But I sometimes get annoyed with how she tries to baby my DH (in vain though) and always tries to get us to move into the same building she is living in....hehe
  7. Ewww...that would bug me, too. My BF is the baby and his mom just prances into the house unannounced whenever she wants. It drives me nuts, since I live here, too. I guess my thing is that MY parents would NEVER do that. They always would call if they were coming over, just to let me know. They always would knock, too. Sometimes I feel like we all live together...LOL.
    If she ever made a comment about my bag, it would irritate me. He bought me a necklace last V-Day and on more than one occasion, she has made comments about "well, for what he PAID for it...(it BETTER be 14k)xyz." It is like I am not supposed to have anything that is more than a 10 dollar item, especially if he buys it. If I ever get a ring, she will probably tell him to get CZ. It is a good thing SHE doesn't know how much I spend on bags!! ROFL...I am sure she would make comments, too!(although I do not think she would ever call them ugly, with her it is all about the price!)
  8. haha...I know what you mean..fortunately, the DH does not like to be coddled...when she asks me stuff about DH, (he doesnt like calling her too much cause he says she talks too much!)...she refers to him as her baby boy! ewwww..she tries to be nice to me though cause she is not that dumb..I think my DH won't want to go over to her place at all if she made it hard for me!
    sorry about your MIL, I would be so pissed off if she comes over unannounced! too bad my DH spilled the beans on how much a Chanel costs!
  9. Recently I was that bad friend and I am feeliong very guilty and not sure if I should say something or not.

    I was talking to a friend about how no one by us has any sense of style and I all I ever see is people walking around with logo Coach and LV and that they are carrying logo bags so that everyone can see how expensive their bags are.

    Oops, you guessed it, she was calling to tell me how thrilled she was about the logo bag that her husband bought her:crybaby:
  10. I can't even discuss bags off this board. I don't know anyone else who appreciates the same way I do, IRL.
    Last week, I asked a couple of coworkers what amount they considered to be too expensive for a handbag, and most of them drew the line at around $50. I wouldn't dare tell them what I've paid. Let them think I buy my bags at Target....
  11. This just happened last night...
    My mom and 2 of my 4 sisters play in a card group that meets once a month.
    There are 12 people total.
    One of my sisters commented on my new Tano Boogie and someone else said "Another purse???".
    I just laughed it off but then someone asked how many I had and when I answered honestly, I got gasps from around the room!
    I actually have less purses then I thought I did because recently I was cleaning out the closet and counted them up and thought "Wow, I need to go shopping!" ;)

    Then someone said "I have NEVER owned that many purses!"
    I wanted to say something rude back but instead I jokingly said, "Well, I don't have a husband or kids so I spend my money on purses. I have my priorities straight!" and that got a big laugh.
  12. I have many friends who don't get my obsession, but they are mostly kind about it. I'll get the occasional, "pls don't tell me what you spent on it.", but that's about it.
  13. No one else gets my bag obsession either. Thankfully I don't have any friends that are too rude about it. They'll just say, "OH? Another bag?" I feel like I'm put on the defensive. I don't ask about their tech gadgets, cars, or tv systems but I guess bags are fair game.
  14. That is SO funny!! I have been using the same excuse for everything I buy to people who are "disgusted" by it! My feeling is, if you want to hate me for the fact that I have money to spend on MYSELF, then you are jealous. I try not to make my friends with kids to care for feel bad by the nice things I am able to buy, but I don't want them to make me feel bad for BUYING them! Everyone has their priorities and mine was not a family at a young age. I am starting to think about those things in these years of my life, but for people who judge me because they already chose to have a family first, I do end up taking offense more often than I should. Maybe next time they want to judge me, they should count their blessings for investing in their family and having memories that are priceless instead of bashing my spending. One day, I may not be able to spend on me, so why not enjoy it now?:shrugs:
  15. Amen, girl!!