Do you have a fear of flying?


Oct 14, 2006
I'm afraid to fly even though I'm in the Air I wanted to know are any of you are afraid of flying and what do you do to calm your nerves before and during a flight? I guess I'm afraid because I have no control over whether that plane lands safely or not?
So afraid you don't want to sit next to me I will leave scars in your arm! Hubby loves it so I tell him to go and enjoy! About every 2 years or so I do travel but think of every way possible to get out of it!
OMG I hate to fly.

If I have to go for work though (and I can't find someone to give me a Xanax or Valium) I will just take my ipod and a good book and try to zone out. It takes me hours to pack even for a 2-3 day trip just so I am certain I have everything organized and easy to access to minimize unnecessary panic, LOL. Lavender is also a very calming scent as is cocao so try some Origins products that come in travel sizes.
I HATE to fly. Just some bad experiences flying to the islands and back to Miami. You know things like getting stuck in a thunder storm over Miami and NOT being able to land.....UGH.....You will NOT get me on a plane......

Hubby loves to fly and does very little business related trips now but he was always messed up with missed flights, ect...which were ground related.
yep, I had hypnotherapy last year, as it was truly ruining my life. Who wants to be stuck in the same country for ever! it really helped, but I am never going to be one of these people that actually enjoys flying.
i hate flying.

but my love of traveling outweighs the fear.

even when the stupid airplane has turbulence (sp), luckily i've only had that twice, once during a trip to thailand and a recent one to vegas.

i don't know what else to tell you except that everyone flies and there's rarely a crash....and if it happens i'm already in the air so..?

what happens happens. IMO.
I actually don't like flying but not for the most obvious reasons. I'm not afraid of highjacking, crashing, lighting storms, etc. I am claustrophobic.:sweatdrop: I used to be able to keep in under control during a flight. As I got older it got worse. Now I have to take Xanax to keep myself from jumping out the window.:shame: :P
I have a huge fear of flying, I have to get all drugged up before I get on the plane.. so that I will just sleep the whole time.. Even though in my life, I have probably flown about 150+ times, my family travels ALOT!
I have hated planes ever since I took my first flight @ 9. I got sick coming and going. Ever since it's gotten a little better, but not much. I usually have to do some serious talking to myself in order to fly. The take off and landing are the hardest part. I know this didn't help at all...I just wanted to tell you I feel your pain!!

I love to fly! However, for those who get very anxious it is no fun at all. Try hypnotherapy or any cognitive behavioral method of anxiety reduction.
I sympathize with those who fear flying--it must be terrible. It probably doesn't help to know driving is far more dangerous than flying. My father was an airline pilot and DH is a retired airline pilot so I've always flown and never given it a second thought. The pilots have so much training and if they have any question about safety, they won't depart; at least that was the case with my husband's airline. Yes, there are factors you have no control over, but it's like that with most things in life.