Do you have a fax machine?

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  1. At least twice this week companies I was ordering from or otherwise doing business with asked if I had a fax machine. When I said no-they acted shocked.

    So-tell me, do you have a fax machine in your home?

    And, if so, is it there due to business purposes or sheerly for personal use? Am I out of touch, should I run out and buy one?
  2. I have had to buy one for business purposes, but more and more I find it an outdated mode!

    I would say if you have managed this long without one, why bother ;)
  3. No, I dont have a fax at home! I've only known one other person who ever had a fax in their home just "for the fun of it" and that was like over 15 years ago, when fax machines first came out!
  4. Nope. I've never known anyone with a purely dedicated home fax either. I had one friend w/ a cast off from her mother's accounting office that she hooked up when she needed it. I don't even have a home phone so I couldn't have a fax!
  5. My parents have one but I don't. I'm surprised with the frequency that businesses use fax machines these days. My office has one but we don't use it nearly as often as just scanning a document and emailing it. The quality of faxes is so crappy anyway.
  6. Yeah I got one 3 years ago because it came with my printer and scanner...Shocking I do need to use it wa few times a year.
  7. umm....I have an old computer with a fax modem that lets me send documents from my computer. Does that count? :shrugs:
  8. we have a fax machine
  9. Yes we've got one too. DH is a total computer/electronic freak...we have all the latest gadgets.
  10. I have a fax machine. I don't use it often but it has come in handy a few times when I needed to send a document that wasn't available in electronic format. I will definitely keep it.
  11. yes and it's a copier too.: it's by DELL. sure comes in handy especially with school age kids. DH uses it for personal and business. even bought both college sons a similar one for their dorm rooms. the copier is essential in college. money well spent.
  12. Yes, we have one. It is one of those HP fax/printer/scanner/copier models. It is for business and personal use. I use the fax ~3 times per month. I can fax out, but no one can successfuly fax in because of the answering machine I have hooked up. I wish I could get the dang thing to work right, lol!
  13. I still have one but it is collecting dust. everyone sends e-mails now.
  14. no... never had use for one :shrugs:
  15. that's what I say! I even said to the guy today-"really, people still use fax machines? Just email it to me"
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