Do you have a favorite SA? Who are they and where?

  1. I know there's sometimes mention here of specific sales attendants at Bbag retailers that are really good at what they do-- selecting leathers, colors, etc. for those of us that are forced to buy Bbags blindly! :hrmm: I tried searching for some names, but couldn't find much that way. I would love to know who to ask for that my fellow PFers really trust (doesn't matter where, just somewhere that can be called)
    to select *the* bag for them, and what makes that SA great. Any suggestions?
  2. TT- I believe a lot of people LOVE Joseph from BalNY! He has been known to pick out the best bags! Other names from the girls here that I can remember are Sarah and Daphne ( they are at BalNY too).
  3. I just got my first b-bag from Joseph at BalNY. He is so nice and picks out gorgeous bags. He really takes his time explaining the bags they have and asks what type of bag your looking for. I even asked him if he could send pics of the bag he finds and he did. I highly recommend him.
  4. Peter at Chestnut Hill :smile:
  5. my all-time favorite SA is daphne @ the nyc store, but kim & sarah are also wonderful & have benefitted from my b-bag addiction :P...jumpei from AR sold me my cornflower work & my bordeaux compagnon & the other SA's there are great too :tender:
  6. Lisa Hamlin from NM in Troy Michigan is amazing! She knows exactly what to pick, and many of us have bought from her. I bought my ink city from her and its fabulous! Her direct dial number is (248) 635-8442.

    I also have to say that Joseph from Bal NY is fabulous as well. He is a total sweetheart and really knows what he is doing!
  7. im going to say, Liz at BalNY - even though shes not doing the sales anymore... then i would say, Sarah at BalNY - shes SO nice!!! i havent spoken with Joesph yet but i hope to soon!!! and at AR - it would be Jumpei!!! he's AWESOME!!!
  8. Putting a vote in for Lily from Cultstatus (Australia).

    She always responds to emails quickly and sends over all the photos I ask for, etc :smile:
  9. kim from BalNY helped me and was very patient! i love her!
  10. I like Maki at AlohaRag... she's sooo sweet and helpful! :yahoo:

    I dont know who the young guy is there, (I'll ask him his name next time I see him when I go there) but he is very rude. A few of my friends here have also had bad experiences with him, usually that he sits and talks loudly on his cell, writes text messages during their shopping visit and is really snotty! Last time I went when he was the SA there, he sat and giggles & talked about some DVF party so loudly that I could hear the entire conversation from across the room... and when I made a motion that I needed some help (note: I was the only customer there) he rolled his eyes and whispered into his phone and then hung up and came over very slowly. I guess I didnt look like I was a serious buyer. well, I definetly won't ever buy from him! *thumbs down*

    The other SAs I've had there are fabulous though! :wlae:

    ETA: at BalNY Joseph was awesome! I've also talked on the phone to Sarah and she was super nice and helpful!
  11. Louie & Joseph at BalNYC are dolls!
  12. Loving Joseph and Kim too. I hated my SA from Barney's where I bought my first bag. I should have returned it just for spite!
  13. Jumpei @ Aloha Rag is my fave. And, sorry about this, but I had a good experience with Terry @ BalNYC. Vanessa @ Kirna Zabete was great, but never could reach her again to place an order, and no one else there was that helpful.
  14. AR's Jumpei is great as well as Kirna Zabete.
  15. these SAs are awesome!

    daphne and joseph (BalNY)
    tatiana (joan shepp)
    naomi and etta (koh samui)
    tony (Barney's BH)
    tony (shirise)