Do you have a favorite "go-to" bag? Do you have bags for different uses?


Jul 18, 2009
Ft Lauderdale, FL
I sort of have my bags in different categories (organized subconsciously in my head) like if I am going to be running a bunch of errands and shopping all day at nowhere special (Sam's Club, Target, grocery store, whatever), I usually carry a lightweight tote- either my MFF stripped (black leather, siggy, silver, gunmetal) tote, gray legacy tote, or my red MFF leather tote.

For work, I usually find that I hit up my black leather sabrina (silver hardware) or my black leather carly relatively often b/c I wear a lot of outfits with black and they are classic bags and if I am running late, they look good with anything and I don't have to swap out my purse. However, I do wear all my bags to work but some I need to plan to wear from the night before b/c I will actually pick an outfit out to show off the bag (e.g. new Ikat sabrina in white/blue/siverly-gray).

If I am going out with the girls or to a martini bar type place, I wear a small bag like the bridget in platinum so it fits under my arm and I don't have to set it down but it isn't big and bulky.


Hopeless 4 Handbags
Nov 4, 2008
My everyday goto bags are either black, brown or metallic.

Heritage stripe tote
Carly leather
Zoe leather

Leah shoulder/crossbody
Carly leather demi
Penelope capacity wristlet


Gone shopping
Aug 8, 2009
My everyday bag is based on the style--for work I usually carry something conservative like a Zoe, Carly or Parker shoulder bag and then on the weekends I carry something fun like the Penelope black / white shopper tote or cobalt blue Maggie.

My black Ali hobo--the newer ones--is my "I've got to get out the door in five minutes" bag. That is a great bag!!


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Jul 15, 2007
In my closet of bags!
I have my everyday bag which is an 08 legacy shoulder. This is my default for work and everything in between. If I know I have a special day and can plan for it, I switch out to my black op art Sabrina. She is brand new so I've only gotten to use her once so far. I think eventually she might become my everyday bag but i just love how convenient the legacy shoulder is. The drop strap is long enough so that I do not need to take it off my shoulder when digging through it, and then its not so big that everything gets lost inside. My main thing with Sabrina is that she kinda takes up a whole arm and isn't exactly ideal for shopping.

For my nights out where I know I won't need anything other than cash and my phone, I have my grean leah op art wristlet. Picked it up for $19 at the outlet so its nothing I need to worry about and baby when I am out. The coated canvas is amazing against spilled drinks! :biggrin:


Mar 5, 2006
I think my Cobalt Sabrina is my go to bag. The patent leather is worry free. The bag is good and roomy and it can convert to a shoulder bag in a jiffy. 2nd in line would be my Patent Zoes.


Sep 16, 2008
my house
I have a pebbled leather capacity wristlet for when I play golf. I have a Leah coated canvas swingpack for amusement parks, etc. I take my MFF tote that my mom bought me for the movies or very casual trips. Then I rotate between my white 06 legacy Ali, 06 whiskey legacy shoulder, and black medium leather Zoe for everything else.


Aug 21, 2008
Eastern Iowa
Really, I feel that all of my bags can be carried daily if I choose to do so. My teal Lindsay may need a little pre-planing for an outfit, but otherwise they can be dressed UP or down.

My "go to" bags (in order of importance) for daily use...

1. black tattoo tote (I call this bag my COMFY JEANS)
2. HS khaki/gunmetal Lg. tote (Japan exclusive)
3. black leather medium Ergo tote

When I go out I almost ALWAYS carry my black on black opart Sabrina. I think it's a classy enough look to go with anything and everything, and no one around here has Sabrina's!!!


Feb 5, 2008
Las Vegas, NV
My favorite go-to bag hands down is my black leather XL belted ergo hobo. It's so easy to grab it, sling it over my shoulder with just one hand and it holds all my stuff. It stays put on my shoulder pretty good. It's probably not my favorite looking bag but it is my favorite everyday go-to bag.


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Apr 27, 2009
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As a rule I do not separate my bags by useage, just by mood. But when I have a lot to haul and do not feel like carring an extra bag I always grab my totes. When I truely need hands free I go for my Hippie's or Swingpack..


Apr 1, 2009
in a New York state of mind
I seem to go for my HS tote a lot. I have two kids so that is my "mommy" bag when we are spending a day out. It gets wet, muddy, sticky...I don't care. It is such a worry free carry.

The rest of my bags are all leather and they get used for work, shopping, etc. I do need a smaller going out bag...capacity wristlet doesnt cut it anymore.


dreaming of Coach...
Jan 13, 2008
Hawkeye State
Lately it's been my Parker mushroom swingpack oddly enough. I have my pond patent ergo tote sitting out as well but I tend to gravitate towards the swingpack. It's light and comfortable!