Do you have a degree? (USA)

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  1. So I'm moving to the US next year to marry my boyfriend, he is in quite a well paid job and I refuse to just stay at home - I'd feel so guilty and useless not contributing to the mortgage, credit cards, etc! He says he will pay for me to go to college, but I don't want to go to college just for the sake of it. In the 4 years I could be in a job making money, getting experience and hopefully promotions!

    My questions are:
    Do you have a degree?
    If yes, are you in a job that requires a degree? (and do you regret getting a degree?)
    If no, are you in a well paid job making as much as (or not a huge amount less than) the people you know that do have degrees?
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    Invest in yourself. No spouse is going to guarantee your future. Realize that it's a terribly competitive world with many applicants for every job. Do yourself a favor and develop your skills and training.

    Why don't you figure out what it is you want to do, and see what the requirements are for that line of work? If you want to be in a trade (for example, plumbing, electrical, tech.) that requires apprenticeship but not college, that would be worth knowing. If you want to be in a profession that requires degrees, likewise.
  3. You don't have to get a degree, depending on the profession, certification might be enough. But without higher education or skills training (certification), theres a slim chance you''ll find a well paid job. I agree with the poster above. Figure out what you really want to do career wise and invest in yourself. That extra time getting training and an education will pay off in the long run.
  4. My job is directly tied to my degree, so yes, getting a degree was worth it. Having said that, lots of tech jobs don't necessarily require degrees but training. My cousin got a Microsoft certification in something and is making really good money. Totally unrelated to his college degree. I also know people who started at entry level in retail and worked their way up to upper management. So it depends on what line of work you're interested in.
  5. I have a master degree in nursing. Nursing is a great field and occupation if you like working with people! There are so many variety of nursing jobs to pick from. But definitely to be a nurse needs a degree and license to practice. Good luck!!!
  6. I saw on your other thread that your boyfriend lives in Washington State. It would help if we knew to approximate region he lives in (if you're not comfortable with sharing the exact town). The reason is, the major employers vary greatly depending on where you will live. I can't advise you well on Eastern Washington. But in Western Washington, especially the Seattle area have several major employers who don't require a degree, but it helps in the long run. Several will even hire for an entry level position and pay your tuition if you want to pursue a degree.
  7. I'm a firm believer that you don't have to have a degree to succeed, but of course it depends on what you want to do. If you're willing to work hard, take risk, start your own business, etc. you may not need a degree to be successful. If you're looking to work for others in the corporate world, I'd say a degree is very important.

    If you just want to make a little bit of money and follow a passion (working for a non-profit for example), a degree may not be as important. If you're looking to launch a career, I don't think getting a degree (if you have the opportunity) would be a waste of time or resources.

    For reference, yes I have a degree, and yes I believe that in my workplace they would not consider hiring someone without 1 unless it's for an admin position with no possibility of advancement.
  8. Thanks for the responses! I think the main reason I'm unsure about going to college is that my boyfriend started in at the bottom and worked his way to a reaaaaally well paying job. I also hear SO many stories online about people who get degrees and end up with in a terrible job. Also, I have no idea what I want to do in the future. The only subject I'm really interested in that I'm studying at the moment is law, but by the time I finish college (UK college) I'll have studied British law for 3 years in a row and starting to learn American law would just be really confusing. Also his city is quite small and not lacking in law jobs!
  9. Do you have a degree? Yes, I have two bachelor's degrees.

    If yes, are you in a job that requires a degree? (and do you regret getting a degree?) My type of work requires a degree. I don't know anyone in my position who doesn't have a degree. I do not regret my education.

    I'd like to add my two cents in your situation: do NOT rely on another person and a relationship (even a marriage) to support you. If you can afford to get a degree, GET IT. Without a degree you can only get so far. You can still work and gain experience while earning a degree -- you don't have to go to school without working. In my region of the US I'm starting to see Master's degrees as minimum education required for my type of employment.

    I'm not a lawyer, but if you'll obviously need to go to law school if you want to be a lawyer. You could become a legal secretary or paralegal but obviously the pay is not as lucrative.
  10. I have two masters...

    I think it's great to experience college live and get a degree. Not just for the knowledge but polish your social skills and other aspects of your life. It really depends on what you want in life.
  11. I'm still not convinced on what to do. Statistically you DO get paid more (on average) with a degree than without.

    Another question... do many jobs require just a degree, without experience? I've never worked for someone other than myself, as I haven't had time, due to studying. Obviously employers wouldn't accept that as a reason, but they don't understand the circumstances.
    In the UK, even entry-level degree jobs require experience, so it's even harder to get into them :sad:
  12. Many employers use degrees for their weeding process when they get tons of resumes even for entry level positions. No degree, you get tossed out. It's a stepping stone to get in the door. If you're looking to be in a professional/office environment, get a degree.
  13. I have a degree. My field requires a degree, preferably advanced. HR would not even consider showing your resume to the hiring manager if you didn't have a degree. Heck, your resume would not even pass the electronic screen for an actual person to read your resume.

    How do you define the term "well-paying"?

    My advice: get a degree. The opportunity cost for you right now is not high - currently you won't really be making a lot of money without a degree and without job experience. My advice would be different if you're making mid 6-figures and thinking of leaving your job to go to school. Anyway, if you study a subject in demand in the job market and you do well in school, you are almost guaranteed a well-paying job. BTW, you can get job experience in college through campus jobs, internships, etc...
  14. I did law many years ago now (in the UK). Law is a highly competitive field, both in terms of getting into university and seeking employment thereafter.

    As far as I am aware in the US then you would have to pass the bar for the particular State you intend to practise in so you also need to consider the likelihood of you and your boyfriend moving too and how comfortable you would be retaking bar exams.

    Do you intend to complete your university education within the UK and then move to the US? Or enter higher education within the the US? You say you're studying law at the moment - at what level? GCSE/A Level is nothing like a degree so I don't think if you studied law in the US it would be that confusing.

    So whilst this is UK based:
    Do you have a degree? YES, and two post-graduate qualifications.
    If yes, are you in a job that requires a degree? (and do you regret getting a degree?) YES. NO REGRETS.
  15. MID SIX FIGURES?! I never even expected to make over $80k. I would like a job that pays at least $40k. I think I would be best going to college and getting job experience whilst there. Although, maybe I'll be faced with the same dilemma I have in the UK. I leave the house at 7.40am, and get home at 6.40pm, i then spend 2 hours revising every day, so I would only be able to work an hour or two absolute maximum. I hate decisions!