Do you have a cook book of personal/family recipes?

  1. If so, what kind of cook book do you use? I want to print out alot of the recipes I've created and saved on my laptop and put them into a book - but I have no idea what kind of book to use! Suggestions?
  2. I love 3-ring binders that you can buy at office supply stores. I 3-hole punch the recipes and insert them in the binders. I also buy tabs to separate the different types of recipes. It's cheap and easy!
  3. I'm not too fond of cooking...just do what I have to, but lorihmatthews idea of a three ring binder sounds helpful. I'd probably get those plastic sheet covers too (the kind where you insert your paper in from the top) to keep the pages clean.
  4. I don't, but my BF does~he loves cooking!!
  5. i started one, but getting lazier by the day, now it's becomes 1 sentence for each recipe. I just a little notebook
  6. i have one, its basically a 3 ring binder with notebook paper that i either tape a recipe card to or i punch holes in a recipe that is written on a sheet of paper.
  7. Same here!

    Although I would really wish that they come up with a fridge with embedded computer sooner.
  8. My girlfriend made and bound one together for all of her friends. It was mostly "entertaining" type recipes but she had pics of all of us along with the recipes. It is one of my most cherished gifts. She called it "Good friends, Good Food, Good Fun!"