Do you have a coin purse?

I am your typical paranoid NYer (or ex-NYer anyway). I don't like carrying a wallet so I have two little purses. One holds cards and large bills and the other small bills and change. The latter is kept handy but the card purse is tucked in a safe place. I always figured it would give me something to keep any muggers fairly happy while keeping a hold of the important stuff.
hatikuh said:
I prefer wallets that comes with a zipper compartment for coins. It does get bulky though

Besides my LV wallet with a compartment for coins, I also carry my matching coin purse. Here in San Francisco, I drive that means I have to carry alot of quarters :evil: expensive! Anyway, I couldn't resist the cute coin purse...:shame: .
I definitely have a coin purse. You need to carry a coin purse especially if you live here in San Francisco. Those parking meters are a pain in the butt!!!
Thanks for your inputs. I have my eyes on a very cute coin purse but I am concerned re the practicality of it.I can forsee myself getting changes (both bills and coins) while grocery shopping and having a difficult time trying to separate them into my wallet and coin purse with a lot of people standing in line behind me. But I do have a wallet with coin compartment so I guess I can just stuff everything in my wallet and separate them at home. haha.. the things I'll do for a cute coin purse..
hatikuh said:
I prefer wallets that comes with a zipper compartment for coins. It does get bulky though

me too... but sometimes its just so funny - the coin part is so full you cant zip it up and then other times it just completely empty! and it feels like you're so poor! :shame:

good luck! :amuse:
I have a few of them. My favorites are the LV mono and damier. Most of the coins end up in the console of the car but these pieces are great for small bags and running around.
I only carry a cheapo fabric coin purse when I know I'm going to be using the coins up (flea market for drinks, garage sales). Otherwise they go into the zip compartment of my LV wallet. It holds quite a bit, and I tend to take them out at the end of each day anyway.
My wallets always have a coin compartment. I did buy a Brahmen but only cuz it was so cute and I like to buy some type of accessory for my purses like a key chain or sunglass holder. i don't really use the coin purse, I pay with check or charge card. Cureently is it sitting in my auto to hold my spare change when I need it.
Danica said:
I have one of those round LV coin purses. I use it all the time. I think its great. Its the only LV I have *cries*

I really like the round LV coin purses - they're adorable! What a good first choice you have there for your first LV!
I have a Vuitton MC cles, a monogram cles and an Coach azure signature mini skinny. People use these as card holders, but I just don't get it, they're always going to be coin purses to me ~!