Do you have a coach pouch?

  1. Do you have a coach pouch such as the signature stripe pouch for 138 dollars? such as this one?

    Is it worth it? I just bought it in gold and brown, but I can't really like put it on my shoulder, i guess it wasn't made to be put on your shoulder. Does the leather handle become soft quickly? bc leather becomes soft when you use it longer? So it is worth the money? Or should I get a much more expensive bag or another bag?
  2. It's a very cute bag but it all depends on how much you are going to use it. For me these were too small. If I were to buy one I would only use it to go out at night. If you are having doubts then return it and get something that you totally love and fits your life style. :smile:
  3. Try a Demi Bag, They are small but fit over the shoulder :smile:
  4. I have a pouch but I use it as a makeup bag :tup:

    If you want to use it as a purse I would try looking for a slightly larger bag :yes:
  5. i have that pouch, but it's the original blue and brown scarf print pattern...but same size. i've had it almost a year, and honestly, i've worn it once. you're right, you cannot wear it on your shoulder. i'm a short and petite 5'2'' 105 lbs girl, and its so awkward on your shoulder. it's mostly a handheld. but i also cannot put a lot of stuff inside it, i hate how it won't fit my planner inside. so i only use it for outings with my boyfriend on the weekends.

    i can't part with it because i love the scarf print pattern, plus my bf bought it for me. so it holds a lot of sentimental value to me.

    the other significant reason i can't part with it is because i found it off craigslist at a total steal: $60! (the real story is that i found it off craigslist, and my bf went to palo alto to get it for me. so yes, he bought me a coach purse used and cheap, but he's a frugal guy. so this is a big deal for him. lol)

    honestly, i probably wouldn't keep it for $138. for a little more, you can get a larger purse. it's too small for an everyday purse, and i always want that on-the-shoulder option with all my purses.
  6. i have one
    i can get it on my shoulder
    i can fit a lot in it, actually
    i really like it

    but did anyone else notice that the raised the price of the old sig stripe pouches to $138 from $128 when the new ones came out at $138?
  7. I have 2 of them.
    I can get it on my shoulder without my winter jacket, but the bag bulges (cuz I stuff it!). Can fit enough things in skinny, camera, lipgloss, mirror, a tetrabox drink, concealer, mp3 player.
    Enough for a day when I don't need to bring much.
    However I don't like the scribble fabric one cuz the material is so soft. If you don't put enuf stuff in it to stuff it up, it will lose its shape and "collapse", making it even smaller looking!
    I just got my leather signature one...a thicker, sturdier material, but need to put my stuff in it to see how good the shape holds up.
  8. I think they're cute and I used to want one, but I realized that small bags just are not for me. If you're more of a small bag person, I think it's a good choice :tup: