do you have a chanel wallet?

  1. if so which?
  2. On the chain. Dark Red.
  3. white compact caviar CC wallet.
    I think thats what its called :smile:
  4. :girlsigh: have any picts?
  5. I have pics in the Chanel Accessories sticky at the top of this subforum.:yes:
  6. ^what she said!

    but here's mine anyways, mine the PNY long wallet:
    DSCF2067.jpg DSCF2074.jpg DSCF2072.jpg
  7. Post for you when I am off work :smile:
  8. oooo swanky that wallet is HOT! the zip totally makes it modern. it looks really roomy too! do you ever find yourself carrying it when your on the go? or find that you could?
  9. ^^cant wait till then yor :smile:
  10. yeah, I could, but I don't! LOL! I always like a big a$$ bag on me!
  11. I have a long wallet:love:
    p1.jpg p2.jpg
  12. Here's mine.
    whitechanel.jpg BlackCambon.jpg
  13. ^^LOL SWANK!

    cant disagree with you there, if i had your collection, i wouldnt ever leave my closet LOL.
  14. [​IMG]

    here you go aarti :smile:
  15. I have a compact black wallet in caviar with a small CC logo on the front. I got it about two years ago. I have no idea where it is so I can't take a pic to post on here.