Do you have a certain bag that you would NEVER carry in the rain?? and a ...

  1. bag that you have JUST for the rainy days??

    what are they?
  2. I won't carry my Chloe Edith in the rain....not ever!!!
  3. I would never carry my Coach purses in the rain. They're my first (and only) designer purses and I'm a little protective of them. Besides those, I don't like to carry my fabric purses or ones that don't have a zipper closure.
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  5. I carry all of my bags in the rain - but I never carry my LV's in heavy rain - if it's drizzling I don't mind. I take my coach/burberry/balenciaga in all weather - they're treated leather, they can handle it ;) :P
  6. I take my Epi LVs out whenever it rains, i try not to take a bag with vachetta, but don't stress if i do. I never take my lady Dior or any suede bags out if it looks like rain.
  7. The only bags I try to avoid when it's raining are any of my LV's with vachetta. Other than that it doesn't really matter as most of my bags are leather and a little bit of rain won't damage them.
  8. I would never carry anything with vachetta in the rain! I have a gucci horsebit hobo that I carry sometimes in light rain, and that's with an umbrella, but usually I just take my $20 h&m messenger when it rains.
  9. I've been caught out in the rain with my Alma & so far so good on the patina. *Keeps fingers crossed even though she's 4 years old* :smile:
  10. I usually carry my GUCCIs, they're all leather, and I just have to wipe them, and they're good to go again... gotta love that
  11. Won't carry my off-white luxury chanel

    will carry my chanel caviar or balenciaga dix when its raining
  12. I will never ever carry my cherry blossom pochette in the rain. And when it does rain, i use my seatbelt tote or my LAMB bags.
  13. I'll never carry m LV MC white lodge in the rain because of the vachetta for really ****ty weather I have my Chloe paddy, shedoesn't miind.
  14. My LV Perforated Musette and Pochette (because of the holes) and Monogram Denim Chinchilla Demi Lune will NEVER see the rain.
    I don't mind taking my others out though..even the bags with vachetta. It's gotten soaked before and even without treatment, it goes right back to the color it was before it got wet. :heart:
  15. I would never carry my LV Cabas Mezzo in the rain - there is just too much vachetta! Plus I try to keep my Chanel Cambon Bowler out of the rain as well. I got caught in a storm with it shortly after buying it and nearly had a heart attack. Luckily it is no worse for the wear.

    However I would carry my LV Damier Papillon 30 or any of my other bags for that matter. Oregon is nothing but rain in the winter/fall/spring so there is no way I could retire my bags for half a year or more!

    I just see it as I paid that much for it then I better get my money's worth.