Do you have a business selling your art/craft? or set up at craft shows..etc.?

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  1. Just curious if anyone has made a business out of their craft... or sort of a part time business. not really the full on buying/renting a building and having an actual business, but more so the low key things like setting up a spot at a craft show or something like that.

    I would really like to start to do something that i could maybe take to craft shows.. or other art type shows and sell. but what sort of legal stuff do you have to do? do you have to charge tax on your stuff? do you have to have a permit?

    Also, if anyone has done this and wants to share any stories about how they got into it... how it went... etc... i think it would be great to read :tup:
  2. I'm very curious about this too! We finally moved so I've started making more of my stuff but I'm having trouble getting out there. I'd like to know the best ways to start getting business. I'm getting myself into donating some things and offering coupons for certain things but I'm still grrr! I'm interested in craft show requirements too, there are a lot of those here in the summer!!!
  3. I just want to put out a word of caution to anyone that's going to post in this thread... just remember you can't advertise on TPF (not just purses!) so you should only talk about things in general terms and not try to sell/advertise your product even though I'm sure it's fabulous! Please just err on the side of caution so that you don't get in trouble :hugs: thanks ladies!
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    ^^^I've seen some people list their sites in their signatures. Isn't it OK with over a certain number of posts and months on the forum?
  5. ^^Oh maybe you mean selling or describing specific objects is not allowed although you can post your website or etsy store?
  6. ILUVShopping

    You need to get a tax ID numbr to sell at craft shows (in my state, anyway.) And then you must collect tax to pay your taxes.
    If you want to use a business name you must make that legal as well. A $50 fee registers your name for five years (it is called a fictitious name.) They say that "officials" check papers during craft shows.... I have had three shows but never seen any "officials."

    I purchased several books on the subject, Crafting as a Business is one good book.

    Tyger, as always you are a tPF angel on the shoulder! I never have completely understood the rules here... you need 3 months and 500 posts to have a blog in the signature. but you can't post your business, at all .... is that right?
  7. I don't know what all the rules are besides the general info given, I just don't want anyone to get in trouble! :hugs:... I'm sure swanky can answer any additional questions if need be! 'Twas just a friendly reminder to be cautious about chatting about the topic without looking like you are pushing your product or business, that's all!

    Here's the rules about buying/selling and businesses on tpf:
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    • Public selling/buying/trading is not permitted. Threads of WTS or WTB nature will be locked or deleted.
    • Soliciting your items for sale via Private Messages is prohibited.
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  8. ^^^Thanks!
  9. I just wish i could find some sort of crafty hobby that i woudln't get bored with after 5 min :sad: there are so many things i want to try... i'm currently a painter but that world is SO hard to get into... I dabbled in the world of bead/bracelet making last year... at my part time job (an antique/collectible mall) the employees get to share a booth for free so i was able to sell a few through there... but not much... and I would love to take a short at clay stuff (thanks to regretless and her fabulous miniatures!). but I have a feelign i would buy all of the stuff for it and only do it for a couple of months...

    My aunt was in the craft show market for years... but at the same time she hasn't even done them in years... so i could probably get some info from her. I just wish she was still doing it so i then i could sell stuff through her and maybe get some experience in it before venturing out on my own.
  10. ^hey I am the same way... I get into a lot of crafts and hobbies and I'm really a "jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none" but I enjoy the luxury of so many choices.

    I have a home "business" mainly selling online and consignment at a small shop in town. I haven't sold a lot because the type of handicraft I do, it takes quite a bit of time for each one and as a mom of a hectic family, it's more a hobby than a business. If I'm lucky to sell something, it can be a real psyche-booster as a SAHM. The consignment shop told me about their summer outdoor craft show and I feel sort of bad tho, I don't feel I have enough of my work at any given time to display... I ALWAYS have my sights set on "HIGH". It's the actual putting it into effect that is "LOW" :P

    You might want to check on your local PennySaver or newspaper and find out what craft shows are scheduled. You might be able to find out more from the show managers themselves. Networking is a good way to go about it. If you attend craft classes, you'll get to meet the same like-minded people and they will fill you in on upcoming events. My neighbor is a doll and she lets me know if there is a craft show at a church or college. My sister had a table during the holidays selling her craftwork at a hospital and I think all she had to do was rent the table space. I am sure if you Google "craft fairs" "your state" and/or "schedule" something will come up.

    Well... I think I've rambled... but first, try a few listings on eBay or etsy. Then scout out your local boutiques. Many independent shops (books, cards, gifts, etc) are open to consignment. Then a neighborhood craft show. Or community shows at church or colleges. Then the big ones, at civic or convention centers or malls. Along the way, you network and it falls into place.

    "Follow your bliss..." that's what I as a crafter would love to do... make my passions a whole life experience sharing it with the public.

    Good Luck!
  11. Rain, I am just like you^^^^^ SAHM of four ~two teens and two toddlers.... I don't know what's worse potty training or Algebra I !
    I really needed that little focus boost, too! I don't have anyone I know that is quite where I am in life and I get really tired of explaining to everyone (myself included) that I am in business and while it might be tough right now to focus on things everything I do now is ground work for the future. I will definitely print out your advice and post it above my computer. The book I mentioned earlier said that once you get started selling 75% of your time is spent marketing, maintaining a website, etc. Kind of takes the fun out of being hands on creative. I had two craft shows this past winter (the first in ten years) and the whole family seemed to fall apart. I finally got them all back to work and school and it really is hard to get back into the momentum of the creative process and "Business." I looked into daycare last night (I need a couple of months to get focused) and it was 385 a week just for the little one baby!!!!!! DH was shocked! That is how desperate I am to focus on my hobby... DAYCARE... but that is not an option, after all!
    I was pretty successful with *bay two years ago, I did not bother this past winter (economy and craft show) There was a couple at the show that said that whenever they sell something on Etsy they replace it immediately in time for the show. Yeah, that is not an option for me I can't do anything "Immediately."

    China is being hit hard by the economy, too, and the word is that all the cutesy hand made items in all the Targets and Department Stores are going to become harder to come by and more expensive as a result. That would mean that industry would welcome new local crafters again. Even if that does not happen there is always a place and chance for every craft... it just takes time and patience to get it to the right audience.
  12. I started doing henna body art as a profession in 2001. I practiced with it on myself and friend for about 4 years before going pro. It's been a profitable hobby, but as a SAHM I don't try to take it much beyond that. I've also published a couple of books of henna designs for beginning henna artists (among other books I've published).

    I do enjoy the challenge it continually presents though! :tup:
  13. that's a great idea to start looking at low-key craft shows that are done at churches..etc... here in town we have a FANTASTIC farmers market in the summer so it would be great if i could get myself in gear to do something at that level.

    if only i had the means to get rid of my 2nd job... that would open up the time for me to start pursuing something. but right now it seems as tho i only have energy on the one day of the week that i don't work at either job and that day is usually filled with running errands or cleaning the house.

  14. GondolaGirl, do I know the feeling of what you describe!! Things got hectic with my two young kids and I found myself creating whenever there was a significant block of time. When I found it, invariably I'd make a bunch of my stuff only to turn around and gift them to family members and teachers in time for the holidays. :P

    The one thing that has been a struggle within my mind, is the unpredictability of when I have a "absolute" time schedule for my craft. When I have the time, it takes me a while to get into it, it's never easy diving right in or just picking up where I left off. I never felt it was a disciplined "career". But of course we know SAHM is a full time job and then some. But somehow the "bliss" or whatever I aim for in my mind is elusive, seems like years to achieve and sometimes I feel I put 110% into my family which is fine but I'm already stretched thin, kwim?

    I was talking to my relative who is an established artist and I was telling her all the above. And you know what she told me? She said to accept there can be a balance to an artistic life as well as a family life, because it is that way, even for her. It's not like she lives her art 24 hours a day. Once her art is complete for the day/nite, she retires to her family life. And her family is her passion too. That was a pretty good voice of reason!

    She thought that what I have been doing on and off all these years (and I'm referring to you and all the SAHM crafters here too!) was incredible despite my personal circumstances and I (we) ought to be proud of what we've been able to create amid hectic or busy environments not having to do with our craft. She then proceeded to list things I had created over the years, that I really had not considered part of my craft, but in essence they were by nature, utilizing the creative process. It made me feel really good. I have to give myself some slack. I'd rather be creative in a stress-free mind, then to feel constantly divided or under pressure between the two realms.

    It made me realize that what all crafters, whether we have full time jobs, SAHM, novice/advanced crafters... the things we create are like little slots that get filled in (woven into) our lives.

    must get the little one to bed now... i'll be back... hope all this made sense!
  15. I have always wanted to set up at an arts and crafts show! I never even thought about the legal aspects of it though...