Do you have a BH or a BV? Can you do me a favor?

  1. Hi ladies, as you know I'm trying to decide on a bag for school. I am going to LV on Sat. but will only have an hour there! (Yikes!) LOL!

    So, if you have a BH or a BV can I get anyone to do me a favor and take a pic of it with like 3 or so books in it? I would love to see how books would look and feel in it, if anyone could post. Thanks in advance ladies!!
  2. What kind of books? I don't think textbooks will fit in it. Notebooks (not spiral bound ones, really) will fit really well though.
  3. ^^Yea, I was thinking text books. Like, maybe regular size notebook, kwim?

    What about the BV do you think books will fit in there?
  4. Yeah the texts are usually too big. Whenever I had to take textbooks to school (I sold them back yesterday haha), I took my Mezzo instead. Usually though, with the BH, I could fit 3 or 4 70 page notebooks (again, not spiral bound), the supplement that I needed for my writing class and my book of slides for my psych class which were both about the same size as the notebooks. All of it ended up fitting behind the buckled area on the sides (the part closest to you when you have it on your shoulder).
    As for the BV, I think you can fit a little less in there, but you'd have to put them in vertically instead of horizontally.
  5. Traci
    I don't think three text books would fit into a BV... It'd be very tight, and not to mention a little difficult to carry! The straps will fall off your shoulder too... What about a Saleya MM?? ;)
  6. Definetly not for textbooks! I have a BV and while they fit nicely 'height-wise' if the texts are fat then you can only get 1-2 in there. Nevermind all of your pencils & stuff.
    I'm such a nerdy student I just have my regular backpack (well I also have a laptop to carry too)!
  7. Here ya go. Its really heavy. It might strain the handles too much though. I hope this helps!




  8. Heres pics of my BV. I usually put 1-2 notebooks (not text book) in my BV.


  9. chinadollester--thank you!! Only, now I'm sad cause it's not gonna fit what I wanted it what?

    Maybe a mezzo? I would have went with a saleya mm, except for that I have the pm, so I don't want two of the same, kwim?

    Oh man....

    How about Vavin GM? What do you guys think? No, that's even smaller in width isn't it?
  10. IMO, the BH isn't very practical as a schoolbag... unless you're only carrying a few folders/notebooks and maybe 1 textbook. If you typically carry a light load, it should be fine.

    I think a saleya mm/gm might be better if you need to carry more textbooks. I don't own a saleya yet... but I'm looking to get one this summer.
  11. Thanks bb10lue! Now is that a regular size notebook or bigger? It looks like maybe you could put a book in there too if that was all you were carrying. But then the weight becomes a problem I think...
  12. Right now in my BH i carry around an AP book , a composition notebook, a planner, a small spiral, and then all the other crap. It can hold things like 3-4 small spirals or 1 big spiral without it becoming a hassle.
  13. Thats a large notebook, yes, I can still fit a book in there:yes:. But I don't usually carry textbooks with me, hehe, Im too lazy:sweatdrop:.
  14. those pics are awesome!!! they look like nerd-bags :roflmfao::lol:

    but anyway...i think the saleya MM will be much better! the rolled handles might be a burden on your shoulders though...what about the naviglio?