Do you have a "beater" designer handbag?

  1. I was posting in another thread when this topic came up and thought it'd be interesting to get a broader survey. I don't remember seeing a thread on this in recent memory, but forgive me if this is a duplicate topic! you have a designer bag that you've designated as your "beater?" :smile: Something you don't mind tossing on the floor, using on a daily basis, and getting a bit grubby? If so, which bag is it? :p
  2. Hmmmmm my LV is my everyday bag - I don't really beat it around but I am comfortable enough with it now that it probably takes more of a beating than any of my other bags. But I always clean it and make sure it doesn't sit on dirty surfaces. But it's my nicest bag that I use every single day.
  3. LOL..I dont know about a 'beater' but my bag that takes the most knocks is my Isabella Fiore Chain Reaction hobo. I always reach for this bag when Im out on shopping trips as its roomy enough for the kids bits and easy to carry.
    It has even got stuck in a buses closing doors that could be classes as a mild spanking:lol:
    IF Chain Reaction.JPG
  4. My YSL black logo tote
  5. I know a lot of people don't consider Coach "designer" on this forum, but almost any of my Coach bags I consider beaters because they're so well made. They're definitely my everyday bags. The others I baby. *L*
  6. My espresso Kooba Sienna. It's like an old leather jacket. The more beat up and scuffed it gets, the cooler it looks.
  7. My LV Papillon for sure! That has been through quite a beating, including a mosh pit at a music festival.
  8. My LV Speedy 30... it has a nice patina on it, so I don't worry about stains. I don't use it as much as I used to, but it's my knockaround bag for sure. I take it along whenever I need to haul a bunch of stuff and it usually contains (eek!) a bottle of water. :shame:
  9. I never take good care of any my bags, unfortunately. I buy them to be used, and since I'm usually actively throwing them around, they all end up looking pretty torn up! (Same thing with my designer shoes, I totally run them into the ground to the point where you see metal from the heel and peeled soles!)
  10. Yes. :yes: I have a camel Coach hobo that withstands pretty much anything.

    Interesting topic, because I was just looking on eBay starting yesterday for some *cheap* Roxy handbags, to take to dirt biking competitions/riding days, so that I don't have to worry about my purse getting messed up when I need to take it with me while being outside all day...

    NO, not when I am actually on the dirt bike silly! :p
  11. I actually just bought a large Dooney & Bourke to be my "beater" bag. I will take it on vacation and if my daughter's sippy cup ruins it I won't be too upset!
  12. Just because I know Coach is such great quality and can handle being an "everyday" bag. I don't act carelessly with it, though, I still take good care of it, even though it gets a lot of use.
  13. my "beater" bags are definitely not designer...they are the $19.99 hobo from Target lol! my nice bags i handle with much care.
  14. This cracked me up for some reason. An LV bag in a mosh pit! :nuts:
  15. My beater bags aren't designer. One is a Betseyville by Betsey Johnson Aztec tiger hobo purse. It was cheap and is very easy to clean. Its also very cute. I wear it when its raining or when I'm going to be outdoors. The other is a black leather coach purse that is great quality and can afford to take a beating.