Do you have a bag.......

Dec 12, 2006
Well, sometimes I think like that...but then the reality that I spent good money to enjoy my new purse...I just try to be very careful. New good purses don't go to the bar with me...hate the smoke smell in a purse.

Miss Sooky

Oct 22, 2006
I know what you mean, and I have sold bags because they are too gorgeous for someone like me who has to use her bags and share them with the world. It's a hard lesson, but I learnedthat I either had to be brave enough to let them get worn, better at upkeep or rich enough not to care - I never achieved any of these, so try to limit purchases to those I know I will be able to use regularly without quaking!


Oct 28, 2006
Oh poo. I thought this was going to be about bags that are possibly haunted.

I got all excited.

Shimma? Do YOU have haunted bags?

Uhh - I understand your point. I felt very scared of using my LV when I first got it. I can't tell you how quickly I got over it. It's just a bag - on your deathbed, you won't be saying, "Gosh - I wish I didn't use that Kelly Green Suede Burberry so much..."

You'll be glad you enjoyed every moment of it while you could. Go get it and use it tomorrow! Enjoy!


Dec 18, 2006
Yeah, I better just get over it, but it will still be a going nice places bag, it's just so soft, I'm scared I'll wreak it, or one of my kids'll have jam hands and oh-oh. I also would love to hear about a haunted bag!


Oct 12, 2006
Shimma? Do YOU have haunted bags?

If I did, I'd put them on eBay and get that casino to pay me $30,000 for them - hm - come to think of it, one of them has been moving around by itself lately, and there's another one that when the light hits it just right, you can see the Buddha. No wait. It's St. Catherine of Sienna. Nah, too obscure. Oh, I see now! It's ELVIS!

BRB, got to get to eBay.



hold me back, girls
Oct 26, 2006
i have a very easy to ruin, limited edition (supposedly 2 in south fla of this style and design), silk lined bag that I am SO careful with! But she is such an amazing beauty, I can't just keep her locked up. she comes out on special occasions and for the fall/winter seasons. But, use caution, care and love it to death. that's it. after the first incident of gettin a pen mark, or water droplet or whatever, you loosen up quite a bit. life goes on, you still love it, and its not 'damaged goods'. Enjoy life! and your purse should match!


formerly Purse-onality
Nov 10, 2006
hmmmmmm my Chanels are haunted by the ghost of Coco herself, there's an aura around them, the smell of Chanel No. 5, and sometimes strings of pearls and two-tone pumps with CCs on the toe entertwine themselves around the chain handles...................its really weird:P

in all seriousness, this is a great rains here alot and often without warning , so I am getting into the habit of carrying the purse's dustbag inside it, (most of my bags are big enough to accommodate this) so at the first few raindrops I cover the bag with the dust cloth and dash out to my car.....i don't care about my clothes, hair, etc getting wet, just gotta protect my babies :rolleyes:


Apr 21, 2006
The first bag I bought after finding this forum and the first time I have ever spent over $100 on a handbag was a Kooba Mia in tan and wouldn't you know that the first time I used it I tossed a lip gloss in the bag and it leaked through the bottom. I got the stain out of the interior but it made a small dark mark on the bottom of the bag. I also got a water mark on the bottom of the bag - probably while working frantically to get the lip gloss stain out.

The second time I used the bag I got some kind of small stain that looks like oil under the flap. I've had no luck at removing that stain either ....

I took it to a company that specializes in cleaning/repairing handbags but they told me they couldn't remove the stains or paint over them and that I should just live with them because they are in places that don't show. It just makes me unhappy because the bag is brand new and I wanted it perfect for at least a little while.

I began feeling like maybe I'm not supposed to buy bags that cost so much if they can stain permanently so easily. I'm felt like the bag was cursed or something. I have carried other, cheaper bags for months on end and never noticed any stains or marks.

I did buy a container of some kind of water/stain repellant spray that somebody recommended here - it's a brand that Mullberry recommends for use on their leather.

So my beloved Kooba Mia isn't haunted but more like cursed. Peggy