Do you have a "bag-buddy" ?

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  1. Hope my english is correct, by bag-buddy I mean a friend you go on shopping trips together with whom you can share your great new finds, who is supportive of your "hobby" and shares the same love for fashion...?

    I must say this is what I am longing for. The only person I love to shop with is my mum but she doesn't really support my love for bags ( and their prices)and even if she's great she's my mum and lives actually in another country.

    What about you ?
  2. Strangely enough, I believe I have just found my very first one - she noticed the number of designer bags that I kept on wearing to school and asked me about it.

    My mom doesn't agree with the pricing mostly, but she sure loves to see what I buy ! :yes:
  3. I don't have any friends that like to shop. :crybaby:

    My mom likes to go with me, but that doesn't really count.
  4. It kinda sucks for me too. The ONLY person that i can shop w/ is my cousin in San diego.

    I can also shop w/ my mom.. but she always tries to outshop me and it's too much.

    I :heart: shopping by myself because i can take my time.. but i do miss grabbing a couple of drinks or eating out after or during my shopping experience.
  5. Hmm, my girlfriends carry nice bags, but not hyper expensive designer bags. I'm a Chanel fan myself, and have yet to make friends with another Chanel-lover!
  6. I like to shop by myself. I don't want to feel pressure to hurry up or go into stores that I don't want to. I do have one friend who loves bags as much as I do- she started her collections first. She just said the other day "Look at you! I've created a monster!" I smiled. Actually, my interest peaked when I joined the PF!
  7. Yes, I do. She's partially responsible for me taking the plunge into the higher end of handbags, too. We've both always loved bags, but have very different tastes. Since she got me buying Coach a year or two ago, we've been browsing/buying buddies ever since. Whenever either of us gets a new bag the other MUST see it, feel it, examine it, smell it, etc. Whenever either of us is contemplating a new bag we know we can turn to the other for the push we need in either direction ("it's not worth it" or "hot bag!"). It's good to have her, since my other friends don't really "get it," and my boyfriend is downright hostile towards the whole bag thing.
  8. I have friends that I love to shop with- we have so much fun trying on things and creating new looks. However, only one of my friends tolerates purse-shopping. The others always ask me, "Can we go now?".
  9. yes, i do, but my tastes tend to run a bit more expensive than hers. but we still have fun shopping together!
  10. Yes, sure do!...She lives in Thailand. Unfortunately, I don't get to see her that often.
    We always end up selling, exchanging eachothers bags. Her career as an actress gives her an enormous budget to splurge very often...
    I try to keep up.
  11. I don't really have anyone. My sister likes bags but she definitely keeps them under $500 but she's 10 hours away.

    So, I just have you ladies on this forum. Anyone live near Myrtle Beach, SC?
  12. Only one, my BF. I can't go shopping with anyone else but him and he's very fashionable/stylish too! He tells me what looks good on me and what not.
  13. I wish I did! I used to have a good friend who loved to shop as well, but over time we realized that our tastes were very, very different and the only store we had in common was ann taylor!

    For now most of my hard core shopping is just with me or with my BF, who has amazing taste and style - I'm truly blessed! :heart:
  14. No. I'm a closet bag buyer - If I did have a bag buddy, I think I would spend more than I do now - you know how people with the same passion feed off each other!!!!!! :sweatdrop:
  15. Yes...I have a bag buddy! We have identical tastes in all things fashion! I only get to see her about 4 times a year, but we talk on the phone, and can spend 30 minutes discussing shopping, trends, handbags, and problem! If I tried that with other people they would think that I am a whack job!!! I am glad to have her.....