Do you have a "bag-buddy" ?

  1. Hope my english is correct, by bag-buddy I mean a friend you go on shopping trips together with whom you can share your great new finds, who is supportive of your "hobby" and shares the same love for fashion...?

    I must say this is what I am longing for. The only person I love to shop with is my mum but she doesn't really support my love for bags ( and their prices)and even if she's great she's my mum and lives actually in another country.

    What about you ?

    SORRY just saw that I posted this in the wrong place !
  2. I wish I did, my husband is very supportive, but he dosn't like the prices either and just doesn't understand. I have many internet friends and of course we are always emailing each other pictures and drooling over each others finds!
  3. Yes I do and I met her on eBay!
  4. No, I don't have one IRL but I wish I did!
    I'm not complaining! I have many bag buddies here on tPF!!;) :yes:
  5. Nope, no bag buddy for me! I tend to perfer to shop alone, odd - but when you are with somene then you have to spend half your time checking out what the person is interested in - BORING! I enjoy shopping by myself - I am a power shopper, know what I want and I am in and out in a FLASH! However, I do go shopping with friends but most of the time I watch them and encourage them to buy more than they planned- it's great! HA!HA!
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