do you have 2 different style bbags of the same color?

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  1. i am just curious................
  2. yep! :yes: I love my 05 Rouge City & First and Magenta Coin Purse & Shoulder!

    I decided to get both because I just love the colors and love having 2 different sizes for different times of the day/night, needs, etc.
  3. I had two Magenta bags (one First, one Day) but I sold the First only b/c it was small for my taste. Just :heart: that colour so much!
  4. I have a black first and black city, but different years.
  5. Same as me.
  6. I don't, but definitely wouldn't be against it if I loved the color, since they are limited edition (except black, but the leather varies)!
  7. Black Classique and Black Voyage.

    Is Black eligible for this question? LoL
  8. Black first and black city ( but I sold it and I miss it very badly)
  9. Not for the moment:graucho: ...
    But my Black city would love to have a Black First friend:supacool: !!!
  10. Black City and Black Day....
  11. Eggplant city and twiggy :love:
  12. ^If I could get my hands on two eggplant b-bags, I would have duplicates too!
  13. I also have a black first and a black city (from different years) and I adore them both!
  14. I have a black First but planning on getting a black City soon.
  15. but in different Styles???
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