Do you hate people check you out from the head to the toes?

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  1. Every time when the strangers, SA, friends glance at me from head to toes to check out what I wear, I found it is quite annoying and rude. :nogood:
  2. eh, ignore them and go about your business. :shrugs:

    you cannot control others' actions but you can control your response to them.
  3. This happens to me sometimes. I usually find that the people that do this belong to my own race...I try not to let it get to me.
  4. This happens to me as well. I just ignore it.
  5. it happens to me all the time, i can tell whether its a good or bad look...if its good, i ignore it, but if its a bad one....i give them one right back then roll my eyes, or i say "what b*tch?" its probably not the best thing to do, but when it happens 100 x's a day....
  6. when the girls do it its so annoying ... but the boys its all good ;)
  7. I generally don't mind it because normally when I catch a girl or guy checking me out it's when I have a great outfit on. I take it as a compliment :smile:

    I also don't mind because I'm guilty of doing it all the time myself. I guess I'm probably not very obvious about it, but I'm constantly giving well-dressed girls the one-over -- not in a rude/snarky way, but because I'm envious of what they're wearing in a completely friendly way.
  8. amen sister! :roflmfao:
  9. Eh, it's just a habit for some people. No big deal. Most of them aren't even sizing you up, just checkin' out your outfit!
  10. It only annoys me when it's a group of women doing it.

    I admit that I myself am guilty of it- I like to see what other people are wearing or how outfits are put together...but I at least try to be discreet.
  11. Yes, I hate that.... I will not make eye contact and keep my head up and keep on a walking. I think that is best.
  12. Excellent advice!
  13. I get it all the time. It's so annoying! They don't do it to check out your outfit, they do it to be rude. They snicker as well. It doesn't bother me, it used to, but most of the time I just pretend like they don't exist. It's not worth my time or effort to get upset over someone's rude actions.
  14. If I look at someone it is either because they look great or look oddly different in some way. In any case, I will try not to stare if they look like they just crawled from under a rock. But if you look good, I will compliment or smile. I have no problem telling another woman that I like her shoes, her outfit or the way she smells. I admire style because I have none.
  15. Me, too... I think we've all done it. Some just do it way more often than others. I have a *freakish* memory for clothes. I can remember what everyone wears to every event. Probably because I check them out! lol It's not at all malicious.