Do you hang or fold your hoodies/juicy suits?

  1. Just wondering what you ladies do? Do hang your matching juicy hoodies and pants together or separately? Also, what about any other type of you hang em or fold em? THANKS SO MUCH!!! :smile::heart:
  2. I wonder if I'm in the minority here, but since I have a lot of closet space, I hang my suits.
  3. I fold them and have them in big plastic bins with my other track suits and sweats. I don't have enough hanging space to hang them.
  4. I fold them, but keep them together. With all my other hoodies, I have a really nice peg rack (not sure what exactly it's called) that I hang them from. When I put them in my closet, all the hoods took up needed space.
  5. I fold my pants, but hang my hoodies up. I would fold my hoodies too, but I can't do it very nicely.
  6. I tend to hang them now. They take up too much space folded and leave crinkly marks in the lighter colors.
  7. Mostly fold.
  8. I have a "Juicy" shelf in my closet...

    They're folded, jackets on the left, jackets on the right, arranged by color :shame:
  9. I fold them, don't have enough room in my closet.
  10. Same here.
  11. Used to hang them, then I ended up with too I fold them and put them in one of those hanging storage things. I hang my Primp outfits though.
  12. I hang them all. I also have a lot of room in my closet. I don't tend to wear them if I am away for work, so I usually just keep them in the closet.

  13. I have to hang them...I can not stand the fold marks...
  14. I used to hang them...then my closet got to full so then I started folding them and placing them in dresser drawers.
  15. I hang them all.