Do you handle your meats with bare hands?

  1. How do you guys do it when handling raw meat?

    Do you wear gloves? Or bare hands?
  2. bare hands
  3. bare hands
  4. Bare hands, then wash them VERY well!
  5. bare hands and a lot of handwashing
  6. bare hands and lots of washing
  7. bare hands, then lots of handwashing and apply hand santizer gel afterwards, before touching ANYTHING... especioally my kiddos!

    Oh, I use bleach spray on the counter tops religiously too.
  8. Yup same as everyone else :yes:
    Just wash your hands extremely well.
  9. Bare hands here as well. Its not as gross as I thought it would be.
  10. I prefer to use disposable latex gloves, and buy them boxes of 100 pieces at a time. I only handle meat with bare hands when I absolutely have no choice!
  11. Bare hands. Wash them before & after
  12. bare hands if there're no cuts on my hands.
  13. I can't do it bare hands, and I hate any sort of gloves. I'm a vegetarian though and rarely have to actually cook meat for my family, but on the rare occasion I'll just use some sort of utensils to handle, chop, slice or whatever with the meat and then cook it.

    Fish I can do with bare hands, although it's pretty smelly and have to wash my hands several times afterwards, and with lemon juice too.
  14. Bare hands and then lots of soap and hot water to wash my hands with afterwards.
  15. Bare hands.

    Wash hands before. Wash surfaces after. Wash hands after that.