Do you guys think this date code is valid?

  1. Yep -that means April 2009....
  2. Oh weird !! Maybe you should ask if it's actually a 3 ? Cause that date code makes no sense if it ends in 09
  3. How ODD!
    well we know the seller is legit.
  4. I think you might be right

    date c ode.jpg
  5. ^^ I hate how date codes are stamped so close to the seam, it's so tricky sometimes to read them !
  6. The last number on that date code looks like a 3 to me.
  7. Hm, that's a tough one but from the pic, it looks like it's from let-trade so I bet it's a 3. That seller always sells authentic items.
  8. looks like a 3 to me too...
  9. it looks like 3 to me
  10. Haha thanks! I have email the seller and remind him/her to change it..I am not planing to buy the bag, it's just happend that I saw the code but I think it's weird :shame: you guys are so cool haha
  11. I love your little happy LV loving picture in your signature ! :biggrin:
  12. it would make more sense if it's a I'm saying 3
  13. Looks like a 3 to me too.
  14. Yeah, looks like a 3. With all of those pics it doesn't look like the seller is trying to hide anything.