do you guys think the bordeax classic?

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  1. its seems like one of us here is still undecisive whether to get dark brown or the bordeax color for GST.. w/c i'm also one of them big time.

    now the question is d oyou think the bordeax will be considered as classic color??? i'm still really torn between the bordeax ,brown ,black. i want to get a color that i can passed on to my little girls, that they won't look out of dated by the time they used it. i'm already in the 40's, and i want to make sure that get the right color . beside this is a big purchase.
  2. Then I would get the classic black, that was my first GST.
  3. Personally, I would get either the brown or the dark black. Those more neutral colors are easier to match. The bordeaux is very nice, but IMO is harder to match with outfits. It's a great color, but I think you'd get more wear out of brown or black.

    Black is always a staple, and brown is great if you think black is too "blah".
  4. dark brown