Do you guys think an LV keychain is useless?


Do you think this LV keychain is nessecary or a bag extender?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. Hi, how ya'll doing. I ordered a bag from Saks LV in South Coast Plaza earlier this month. I asked the sales lady if they had an extender piece to make the strap longer; and when I got my bag I find out it's actually a keychain. :hrmm:

    Even though it works as an extender, it only lengthens the bag by 3 in. I didn't say anything when it came, and it's been over 2 weeks. But before I do anything yet, I wanted to ask everyone if they think it's unescessary? Now for $150-- I can get the damier azur pochette clés, which is only $25 more :shrugs:

  2. opps... I messed up on the poll question

    the poll question is:Do you think this LV keychain is nessecary for bag extender
  3. I think it is, mine was sold to me when I got my first Pochette. IMO it really makes the difference between my pochette being jacked up under my arm and being comfortable. I've actually been thinking of buying a second one as a backup (I have 14 pochettes and I'm always switching the extender from bag to bag).
  4. It's very useful....just not as a keychain.....kwim?
  5. I actually have been thinking of getting one. I do think it makes pochettes more comfortable, but they are pricey for what they are. Can you still do an exchange for something else?
  6. I think it looks great attached to a pochette. I would also use it as a key chain!
  7. Which specific key chain are you referring to??

    Ok, I re-read your are referring to the key EXTENDER.
    Yes, i think there are other ways to extend your strap, besides this key extender...

  8. Yeah, that is what my mom said today when she wore it out. That it makes it more comfortable to wear around your arm.

    I thought it looked good but I've never seen anyone wear it like this w/ a keychain.
  9. I like having the LV extender but if you don't want to spend the money on it, you could buy a Juicy Couture starter bracelet and use it as an extender - I think it's about $35 USD. Another tPFer did it awhile ago with her damier pochetteand it was a great idea!
  10. personally I rather spend the extra money and get a long strap for my pochette. I bought the long mono strap and I love having the option of being able to wear it long across my body.
  11. I currently wear the extender outside of my speedy to hold charms & will use it on my pochette (my next purchase) so it is very useful to me.
  12. It's very useful. I use mine on my pochette b/c I don't have little upper arms and it's so much more comfortable with it.