Do you guys spray the insides of bags?

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  1. I am getting a Neverfull, I think. It will be my first LV. Does anyone spray the inside of the bag to prevent accidental stains or dirt? Thanks.
  2. nup.......
    just make sure you don't leave un-capped pens in bags (like who will in an LV lol)
    but no, I only spray the outside ^^
    enjoy ur neverfull ^^ i totally adore my baby, it was my first LV too!
  3. Im sorry if this may sound strange but spray with what (inside and outside)? I've never heard of this before.
  4. I'm curious. Do you 3M it or something? What do you spray the insides and outsides of your Louis?
  5. There are some membes who do scotchguarde the interior of their LV bags. I was always too nervous to try it on a bag with vachetta leather.
  6. I just sprayed the inside of my Galliera. I used Kiwi CampDry water repellant (what I use on the vachetta). I sprayed it about 4 hours ago, I am doing another round on the exterior in about an hour, but the inside is completely dry, and the interior is still soft and feels fine. Stinks something serious, but I think the odor will dissipate within 24 hours. I just did this because I am forever carrying a bottled water with me and it never fails that I spill it. Hopefully this will help.