Do you guys like/use more your neverfull or speedy as an everday bag?

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  1. Which style do you guys use more neverfull or speedy for an everyday? Going out for dinner ? Shopping? Errands ?
  2. I used to be a speedy girl before i had kids... I'm a mommy of 2 now and i can't carry handheld bags since i need my hands free to hold my LO's hands... I sold off most of my speedies and held onto one white mc speedy but it gets used maybe once a year only.
    neverfull - Everyday shopping, errands
    speedy - going out for dinners
  3. I use my speedy 30 as my daily bag. I fell more comfortable having a zipped top purse for every day use. I do not have an Neverfull but I would only use it as secondary bag to carry stuff not as my main bag.
  4. Thanks for your guys input ! I feel like there's also more shape to the speedy ,
  5. I had the neverfull MM but it was just way too big for my daily needs. I sold it and got the Dior Panarea medium which is smaller than the NF MM. I love the Panarea! (shhhh!) Maybe because it is more structured than the NF.

    This week I'm using a DE Speedy 35 and I think it's just perfect. So yeah, I do like more structured bags :smile:
  6. It's a Louis Vuitton you obviously want to take it out as much as you can I've just heard a lot of bad reviews when taking this purse out shopping :/
  7. I would do the speedy B. It has a zipper. but is more convenient than the speedy.
  8. I tend to use my neverfulls more often then my speedies. I just find it easier to have a shoulder strap when shopping or running errands. Don't get me wrong, I love both bags just the neverfulls are easier to grab and go.
  9. I love love love my neverfull. I was a neverfull "hater" before I got mine now it is my go to bag.
  10. I really love both it's just for the price the neverfull should have more features to it , any of you gals have a Michael kors leather purse?
  11. Speedy more. You can dress up or down with a speedy. I just use my NF only for travel because it's a very comfy casual and roomy tote.
  12. I used to have the NF and it was my daily bag until I got sick of it. It was everywhere.
  13. Gave my Neverfull MM Damier Ebene to my daughter. I prefer my speedy 30. I used to hate the speedy because everyone had one. I see why. It is very lightweight.
  14. I use my DE Speedy 30 and Mono Speedy 35 as every day bags. I don't own a Neverfull, although at times I wish I had one!
  15. Funny you ask this because I just realised I NEVER use my DE NF for anything other than work! I guess its cos its big and worry free (my speedies are mono and azur). For dinners I use speedies or other choices of bags. For errands I like to use my bloomsbury. You just made me realise I'm neglecting my other bags! haha Time to give them some lovin.