Do you guys like this Kate Spade bag?

  1. I think it's as stylish as any red bag I've seen this season... and the price is quite reasonable. :love:
    kate spade.jpg
  2. Very pretty! What is it made of? It almost looks like suede to me?
  3. WoW!! Of the two, I prefer the red. Red is hot!!
  4. Oh it's a gorgeous bag - in both colors! That red is stunning though!
  5. I think its very pretty.
  6. love the color.
  7. color pops!
  8. Like the bright red!
  9. Love it!! The shape is classic and the color would brighten anyones' mood.
  10. I haven't seen that one yet but it's beautiful!
  11. it's not special, pretty design though...
  12. I agree.
  13. It's a gorgeous colour! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  14. Pretty. I see why people might say it's not special, but it won't date. I have a brown suede bag that looks pretty similar to that brown one. I don't really like the red, though. It looks a bit too orange for me.