Do you guys like this bag?

  1. Lucky Brand Patchwork Hobo (Natural Multi) - Shoulder So I was fooling around on for fun and came across this adorable patchwork leather bag. What do you guys think? I thought it might be a nice weekend fall bag. Theres another bag like it with a little bit more color. The price can't be beat! How is Lucky leather? Good stuff? Thanks!
  2. Honestly, this is hitting the stores this year but has been around awhile, as I wanted to order the same bag last year and talked myself out of it. Sure enough, when I started seeing the Fossil version in Macy's for fall, I was patting myself on the back for not buying the next "teen" bag. I really liked the bag, though, and if you have not seen a ton of these out there and really want it, I say go for it. I am one of those who kind of gets irked when I buy something I think is unique and then a ton of people start carrying it. I would for sure buy Lucky vs, Fossil, as they have always had nicer bags for what they are(kind of a rough, worn look is what I am trying to say here) I think the leather quality is pretty good.
  3. It's very cute and would go with a lot of stuff. Definitely makes me think of a summer/early fall bag, though. You might get more use out of it next year...
  4. Nms.
  5. I've seen this bag on a tv show, Ugly Betty so it's probably getting publicity. I like Lucky leathers a lot, it's a reasonable quality for price..but I will say that there are too many colors for me...
  6. not my cuppa tea
  7. Billabong makes a very similar bag. I think it was selling for around $80. There was also a matching wallet.
  8. I've never been a fan of patchwork leather but if you like it, then you should get it.