Do you guys like this bag?

  1. I think someone on the forum has a bag like that only lighter, more tan. I liked it. Not too flashy.
  2. i think i saw a bag similar to that at the coach outlet store in woodbury. if u really want to get it, i suggest u check it out at the outlet first because a bag like that only cost around $200 at the outlet.
  3. I have that bag in the light tan, I'm using it right now. I bought it last summer at a Coach outlet somewhere in the Southeast (we were traveling from Philladelphia to Orlando over a 2 week period, so I can't remember what state we stopped at the outlets). I think I paid about $200 for it. It is mid-size, I can fit a wallet, checkbook, several lipsticks and cellphone in it.

    You can see the bag on Coach online, under the classics (leather). It retails for $258. I think all the outlets carry the "classics" lines, there was a consumer report article about the outlets, including Coach, last month.
  4. It looks normal.
  5. Looks like a great bag to me. Small and functional.

    I wish you well,

  6. That's the bag I first owned from Coach - It's a conservative bag and the style is about 15 years old - not that that is bad - I think it is pretty much a classic now. If you get it, be sure to buy the Coach leather cleaner and moisturizer kit.
  7. I like it- the color looks really nice with the turnlock front closure. My grandma has a breifcase in that same leather except her's is in a nice burgundy color. Really soft!
  8. Nishi621, I think the Coach bag is ok (doesn't seem very roomy).
    Do you like this Cole Haan Hobo? has it for $99.97 (s&h is included), Black is the only available color. If there's a Costo warehouse near you, you can return it there if you don't like it.
    Cole Haan Hobo $99.97
    Shipping & Handling included

    Since 1928, the Cole Haan name has been synonymous with superior craftsmanship and design. Sold in some of the finest stores around the globe, Cole Haan handbags boast top-quality materials and exceptional detailing--all in the latest fashion trends.
    Pebbled leather
    Metal rivet and coin detailing
    Open top w/magnetic closure
    Fabric lining
    1 interior zippered pocket
    2 exterior side pockets
    Brushed gold-tone hardware
    Rounded leather handles
    Logo on interior pocket
    Dimensions: 14" W x 4.5" D x 12" H
  9. This line was at the Reading, PA outlet last month. Not sure about tan though. I remember seeing it in red and black at least.
  10. It's kinda cute, but not something i would personally go for.
    But if you like it, that's what counts;)
  11. Nah, dont like it
  12. I like this bag very much and the color. In fact, I have been wanting to get one. It's definitely a "classic" style. I think its called "rambler" from the legacy line.
  13. It's cute. Understated which is nice.
  14. The color is a little to dull for me. It looks like molten milk chocolate. :P