Do you guys like these Chanel Earrings?

  1. Hi guys! Can I get your opinions? Do you guys like these vintage Chanel earrings? Do they look to "mature" for an early 20's chica? They are about an inch wide in diameter. Thank you for your thoughts! :flowers:
    chanel.jpg chanel2.jpg
  2. They are nice, but a little too grown up for me and I'm much older than 20 something.:shame:
  3. I like them. I think the white helps it look fresh and will look fine on a younger person.
  4. A bit on the older side, personally i rather dangling chanel
  5. sorry, I dont really like it....
  6. Not much of a design or style...they're just round discs with a logo,I don't like them.
  7. I think they'd be fine on a young person -- you can make them look younger by wearing 'younger' clothing.
  8. I do think it is a tad on the formal side, go for something more sparkly :yahoo:
  9. I think they are fabulous and not too mature. They could be your signature piece!
  10. Depends what your wearing with them i think, mischa barton could carry these off, its just the style isnt it
  11. They're not exactly my style (I like stuff that is really sparkly!), but if you like them, then wear them!
  12. i think they're cute! :smile:
  13. They're cute with the right outfit.
  14. Agree!
  15. Well, give them to me, I'll wear them! LOL! I love all things Chanel!
    I think they would be perfectly okay, but I like like the dangly ones, too.