Do you guys like the new baby paddies with the shoulder strap?

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  1. I just bought two, yes TWO baby paddies with the shoulder strap from Nordies!:nuts: I already had two regular paddies but they were so heavy and I just had surgery on my right shoulder:sad: so I could not carry them right handed. My new babies are black w/ black hardware and nutmeg with gold hardware. They are definitely smaller but pretty darn cute! What is the opinion on this bag out there in Chloe land? Thanks!
  2. HOT HOT HOT! I just love the baby paddy! Sounds like you hit the jackpot! Congratulations!
  3. Thanks Jag, although if I decide to keep the baby paddies I have to return the medium ones.....There's no way I need two nutmeg paddies and two black ones in different sizes. I just hope I don't wish later I had more room!
  4. Hi!! My mother just bought me the baby paddy with shoulder strap in Muscade and I absolutely love it! It is to be a Christmas present, but of course I had to try it already! The only problem I have is that I already have a regular size paddy satchel in Whiskey, and I think that the two colors are so similar that I don't need both of them. (Great dilema, don't you think!!):yahoo:
  5. Oh, I don't know how to choose. Maybe keep one of each so you have the best of both worlds! But if the medium is too heavy- then the baby is just perfect! I cannot believe when I tried one on just how much room there was! You cannot go wrong either way!

    BTW- I hope your shoulder is better!
  6. Thanks Jag...It is lousy, I got the surgery to repair a torn tendon and now my whole shoulder is "frozen" and I can't move it, let alone a big paddy!! I am new to the forum and I love that there are other people out there who are as obsessive about bags as I am. FINALLY, people who understand.....unlike the general population:wlae:
  7. Stormy, Congrats on the bag. You are so lucky, my mom has a coronary over the price of a Dooney and Bourke (and that was Waaaayyy back before my taste in bags got crazy) There is NO ONE in my family that knows the price of my "cute little bag with the padlock." My brown baby paddy is also Muscade...I think it is also called Nutmeg, if anyone out there knows for sure.
  8. Can you post some pictures of your new collection? They sound gorgeous!
  9. They're adorable but just too small for me, I carry around a lot of crap lol
  10. Hi Kristie! I am super lucky. My mother thinks that I am a "Chloe Freak", and that the bags are ridiculously expensive, BUT she loves me so much that she said if that is what I want for Christmas, that is what she will buy me!!!:heart:
  11. OK, this is a first with posting photos so hopefully they turn out. After seeing them on camera, I definitely am in LOVE:love: with the baby paddies over my mediums. I luckily don't carry around too much. OK, I tried to load the pics and I only did 3, but it says my photos exceed the forums size?????? What does this mean and how do I fix it? Thanks!
  12. Would :heart:LOVE:heart: to see pictures, I too am lusting for a mini. How do you like the shoulder strap? Can it be hanging down without looking to messy?
  13. OK guys, I think I got it, I had to reload them in a smaller format.....TA DA!!:yahoo:
  14. J Star, they don't look messy at all on the shoulder. I do think they look "cuter" carried in the hand. The shoulder strap does come off, but then the buckles are still attached to the bag. I just lay the shoulder strap in the middle and carry it by the handles sometimes. I love them!
  15. They are beautiful!.....MUST weak.....too cute:tender: