Do you guys like the Musette?

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  1. I haven't seen anyone on the PF modeling one or talking much about this bag. I tried it on, and it's really different & striking. Do you like it, or have it? Anyone? I'd love to see a pic if anyone has one or hear your opinions.
  2. I would love to trade my perf. speedy for that bag!!!
  3. I like it okay, I think for me it would be a little too long though.
  4. Oh yes, I like that!
  5. i like the non-perfo one
  6. I wasn't sure how I felt about the bag until I saw it on a cover of a magazine- it's rather unique and certainly not seen as much as the other bags in the line.

    I think you should get it!
  7. I have the musette. I love it because it has a nice big shoulder strap and is a change from the hand held bags and the lining is gorgeous!!
    The only thing I find a bit impractical is the padlock opening which I think will get scratched and tarnished from opening the bag all the time so I usually leave the lock unlatched when I need to get in and out of the bag.
    IMGP3858 (1).JPG
  8. I didn't know that it came in a non-perfo one, but the pink strap on this one is really pretty.
  9. It is so pretty. What color is yours? Do you have a pic?
  10. Sorry, I just saw your pic. It is beautiful. Thanks.
  11. heres the non-perfo one to prove they do exist XP

    above is the musette salsa

    [​IMG]and this is the musette tango
  12. The fuchsia one is very feminine. I love the lining.
  13. agreed

    it would look so nice on you! how bout a pic of you modeling it? ^_^
  14. This bag is still available isnt it? I really want it...does it hold alot?
  15. Oh Kathy!!! I tried to get my hands on this bag and they were all out at Macy's!!! It's really nice in person..perfect for weekends.
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