Do You Guys Leave a 15 % Tip ?

  1. Hey Everyone,
    Hope everyones weekend is off to a good start. Mine certainly is family just came back after having dinner at P.F Chang's and while there we got amazing service by this waitress.She was so nice and friendly..she helped us by letting us know the special for today and even gave us opinions and answered any questions my mom had since my mom tends to want to know everything in a dish.She even would fill our glasses when they got half-empty.Anyways our total came out to be over $100 and my mom gave her like $9 tip.My mom doesn't really believe that you should tip the waiter/waitress the full 15%...she thinks it's more of a suggestion on how much to tip, so she doesn't really follow it.Anyways I have a friend who is a waitressing part-time while she attends school and she said, "waitress make like $2.50 an hour and make their full money from tips" I naturally felt bad for the girl who was helping us today.:sad:

    Anyways do you guys tip the full 15% when you go out to a restaurant ?
  2. If I receive good service, I leave 20%. If service was just okay - not so good, I leave 15%.
  3. I usually leave 20%, and maybe a few extra bucks if the service was extra good. But my mom is like yours, hellosunshine! :yes: She's always like "Why do you leave so much for tip?"
  4. I almost always leave 20% if the service is average or better. If it is bad, then I may leave less (15% or less).
  5. I can't count so I always leave what I feel is a reasonable amount which normally surpasses 20 % for excellent service. I'd rather be known as a good tipper so I can continue to get great service.
  6. at the very very least. :yes:
  7. Usually more, especially if the service was good.
  8. I tip around 20-22%.

    Unless I have been drinking, then I tend to get a little *generous*;)

  9. I always leave atleast 20%. For my bday when we went to the Cheesecake Factory, the bill was $103 for 6 people and we left about a $27 dollar tip. Our waitress was excellent and the food even better. If service is not the best and we're not really checked on or glasses remain empty for a terribly long time, I generally tip 15%. If it all out sucked, 10%.

  10. Same here :yes:
  11. If I get great service I leave a great tip. The waiter/waitress can make or break you experience. These days however the mentality seems to be "I can do nothing and get 15%". When I notice that mentality from my waiter/waitress they don't get a tip or $1. That should let them know that there service was substandard and they need to step up and do their job well if they want to see a good tip. It may be rude but why should they get anything if they aren't doing their job well. Just my opinion!!!
  12. at the minimum I double the tax, which is close to 17%, I tip more for great service or a personal service like hair or nails.
  13. I start at 15%. It goes up when service is great and it stays that way if the service isn't that good. So yes, at least 15%.
  14. I usually leave 20%
  15. Dh and I usually tip around 20% (good service) when we get mediocre or bad service we usually tip between 10%-15%.