Do you guys know.....

  1. if Elux or LV boutiques can hold the price for a bag for customers even after the price has gone up? Like a raincheck. I want the neverfull PM, and it's at 575.00 right now. I can't purchase it until about 4 months later, and I'm sure the price will go up then. Can they hold it at the 575.00 price if I request to purchase it in 4 months?
  2. No, I'm pretty positive they won't do that. Most of the time they won't even hold items in your cart that long. Plus, if they actually DID do this, they'd have everyone and their family members requesting items now to secure them at old prices. Much too complicated and it would cost them too much money.
  3. No, they can not. The closest they can do is for about 3 or 4 days after the price hike they can honor the last price.
  4. No they can not, they will hold the item only for 3 days.
  5. I don't think you can do that, otherwise, everyone can request to buy a bag 5 years later and buy it in 5 years for the price that's hundreds less.
  6. I don't think the store or E-lux would agree to do that.

    However, wasn't there someone on TPF that kept something in their cart for like more than a year and bought it at the old price?

    I would go on e-lux and make sure you sign in. Put the item you want in your cart. As long as you sign in, it should stay in your cart for a while. Can't promise this will work but worth a try. I know I had put something in my cart like 2 months ago and when I went back in, I was shocked to see it will there.

    Good luck.

  7. Just pay for it by credit card or something and pay them back like 20 bucks a month. Isn't that the same thing?
  8. Not technically. The way you mentioned would increase the cost of the bag significantly due to all the interest.
  9. You can place an item in your elux shopping cart the day before the increase and as long as the stock isn't needed, it will sit in your cart at that price for about a month.
  10. Yup,, that was actually me with the MC speedy that I kept in my cart for about a year and 1/2 at 1710.00. they honored that price even when it went up to 1910.00 b/c it was in my cart. Lucky day, I guess
  11. ^^^^^^

    you crack me up, Karman!!!!! lol....
    I'm reserving all my bags now for the year 2025...

  12. ^^^^
    NOT entirely true. It will sit in your cart, but if you decide to purchase it, the computer will automatically calculate the current price only if it is currently in stock.
    Another example is Nordstroms., their shopping cart is good for 2 weeks, but there's NO GURARNTEE on price or availability.
  13. No! Why would they do that? I mean it would be nice..... I could hold a suhali bag for 2 years so I could save enough money to pay for it and pay only the current price!
  14. Uhhmm...I'm sorry this sounds so confusing??! Didn't you just START THIS THREAD? So why ask if you and then answer it? :upsidedown: I don't understand??????
  15. Well, what happened was a glitch (SIC) in the Elux system, as the Elux customer rep told me, that's why I said "must be my lucky day." He said items in the shopping cart is removed after a few days if not purchased.