Do you guys know what purse I am talking about?

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  1. I really want to get this bag in white...
    It sort of looks like petite shopping tote, but it's got zipper in the middle.

    If any one has a photo and know the price, please help! Thanks!
  2. It's a grand shopping tote. :smile:
  3. You can try to find some photos and information about it on the Chanel Reference Library. :smile:
  4. I think there was a price increase on it recently just a few weeks ago. I believe it is either 1850 or 1950 for the GST.
  5. Could it be another style?? I've seen some timeless totes that are similar to the GST and PST but the middle is a complete zipper not two compartments and a zipper in the middle . It looks alot boxier though and the hand does not have the leather reinforcements in the middle
  6., no, no, no...

    I know the GST...but it's not GST that I am talking's even smaller than the PST.

    and a lot boxier?

    Is that what the timeless tote is?

    Anyone? Help~! : )
  7. I'm pretty sure they're still around, it might take some hunting though. I know several of our members have it in regular caviar/lambskin so it is possible to find. I'm not sure where they got it from though :shrugs:

    Hopefully they see this thread so they can help locate the bag for you. Ohhh maybe you can call SD NM and ask them if they have the bag?
  8. Oh hey, another San Diegan? :yahoo:

    Call Mariela at the NM Chanel boutique. I am sure she can help you locate one. :yes: