Do you guys know if Off Saks sells Louboutins??

  1. Hey guys!
    I love COACH and have many bags but no super cool shoes... From lurking on this forum I have determined that Louboutins are the sexiest and most comfortable heels!

    I am going to outlets and such and wanted to know if they sell Louboutins, and how much? I am broke!! BUT I want cute sexy comfy shoes!!

  2. I assume it is hit or miss as will most outlets. You can check. Your best bet is to check for when Saks & NM has their final cut sales. There was just around of big sales after Christmas. The next round will be in June/July. Some folks got CL's for around $200. You can also check their websites and see if you like any of the styles in the sale section. They sometimes have a sale to get an additonal amount off of sale items.
  3. hehe yes i did, and so did Aurora! we scored our CLs for less than $300 at Saks final markdown. woohoooo, good luck! i hope you find a nice pair there!!
  4. I have yet to see CLs at Off Fifth. I have however seen CLs(espadrilles mainly) at Last Call
  5. Check out Nieman's..they have shoes marked down to less than $300 quite often.
  6. I have seen them but yes, they are very hit or miss. When I do see them it is because something is wrong with them (e.g. there is a scratch in the leather, or someone obviously wore them and returned them based on the soles). That said I go to Off 5th at least once a month and have probably only ever seen 6 pairs (never in my size).
  7. I've seen a pair or two also whenever I go there but I've never seen anything I liked.
  8. i know that nm last call does. i have gotten some pink patent simples there for $200
  9. Thanks guys I will check those stores and websites often! I drool over your beautiful shoes!!
  10. I just got a pair from NM online for $148! There are deals to be had, be vigilant!
  11. I have seen CLs at NM Last Call in Sawgrass Mills in Fort Lauderdale. I was there after Christmas last year and they had great deals.
  12. I have bought CLs at Off Fifth, but this was before they became really popular, and I wear a very small size so I often find good deals in my size. I agree that online sales are a better bet- it's easier to find your size.
  13. Yes, I've seen CLs at Saks outlet but only really ugly styles. The kind they have to pay me to take.
  14. hey girl!!!

    thanks guys i am going to make a trip to those stores in NYC and also i am going to try to go to the outlet upstate, they have a NM Last Call and an Off Saks and a Barneys outlet