Do you guys get dressed up to go to LV?

  1. I have always lived in small towns, so I have always had to do my luxury shopping online. I have recently moved to the Miami area...good for me, bad for hubby:yes:.
    Anyway, I was wondering if you guys get dressed up to go to the LV boutique? Do you find you get better service when you look like you have more $$? What do you guys wear?
  2. For me, developing a relationship with a specific SA has guaranteed me good service at my local boutique. I'd suggest that you go to your local boutique, strike up a conversation with an SA, and go from there. Start with buying small things if that's all your budget allows. Stop by and visit even if you don't buy anything. In my opinion, it's much more about the relationship than the wardrobe.
  3. not really
  4. I don't get dressed up... though I do try to look my best when going to the mall.
  5. I do try to look my best when I go to the mall as well. I don't dress up fancy or anything to LV. The best way is to develop a relationship with an SA like stated above.
  6. I don't dress up but I make sure I look nice when I go. I am a casual person, jeans, sweaters...etc but have always been treated nicely when I go.
  7. I have never really had a problem (except at SCP!) since I am known at my boutique. As lorimatthews suggested, get to know an SA then you won't need to worry about service in the future...
  8. Haha it's always nice to have a boutique nearby! I don't really dress up *for* LV -- I like to dress up in general when I go out. However, I've gone in jeans and a hoodie, but received great service. I agree that building a relationship really helps in good service!
  9. I never dress up when I go to LV. I wear my normal everyday clothes and I always get great service.
  10. I don't really dress up when I go to the boutique, but I do tend to carry one of my LV's with me. I think as was mentioned above, if you strike up a conversation with one SA and get to know them you tend to get good service. One thing I have found consistent in all three LV stores in Toronto is that when you walk in with an LV Purse, they always ask, "How are you enjoying your bag?" It usually makes for a conversation starter, and it always makes me smile.:yes:
  11. Not really...Last time I was in LV I was wearing trainers since I just came from a competition. The SA was just as friendly as when I was more dressed up.
  12. i dress up a bit, i just make sure i'm not wearing my old sneakers but it's not that i will put on high heels and a little black dress
    but mostly when i go shopping i like to dress nicer than just jeans and a sweater
    not only for lv
  13. Nope, I just dress like I normally would, but then again, I rarely plan to go just to LV, I just stop in whenever I'm at the mall.
  14. Miami is pretty casual anyway and the SA's are really nice at Bal Habour so I wouldn't worry about it too much
  15. I don't dress up. But I try to look put together everytime I go to the mall.