do you guys get anxiety attacks??

  1. when you really want something and have to wait for it either for financial reasons (saving up), or release dates?!?!

    gosh...this always happens to me when I really want something...and at the moment it's really bad..LOL. I don't know what to do. I'm trying to study for finals but all I can think about is this darn POMME D'AMOUR SMALL AGENDA :yahoo: . I totally want to buy it by friday. Only thing is the store I usually do charge-sends with (in a Holt store) doesn't have it (so 866 says) and I have been thinking of developing another SA at a stand alone as most of the items I want to buy are there's just that darn faxing thingie is soo stressful for me. I feel like a 007 agent :ninja: when I do it at work.

    *sigh* oh well...we'll see how it goes.
  2. OMG...I'm obsessing over the small Pomme Agenda too! Now my anxiety level has gone up 10 notches since you said it's no longer available at 866!!! I'm trying to wait until next payday to not charge it, but seems like that will be too late!!! :wtf:
  3. ^^'s not available in my store..but they still have quite a few left.
  4. im the same. if i dont have the cash for something i agonise over getting it. i always panic i wnt be able to get it when i eventually have the cash. LV is taking all of my money right now. iv even started putting £100 a month into a saving acount to buy LV. It used to be vivienne westwood though so its just another obsession taking over.
  5. I always obsess over something (Hampstead MM), and then once I get it, I'm obsessing over something else (Macao clutch)!!
  6. I get anxious sure, but I don't get anxiety attacks. More than anything I get impatient, I hate waiting.
  7. i think it is probably common to have LV-related anxiety attacks when there is something you want and it is limited or hard to find.

    My thing is that I get like, obsessed.
    I know what i want then I think about it, where to get it, and think about it and look at it on the eLux site until the thing arrives...just before buying, my breath becomes shallow because I am concerned LV will run out.....then I track the package, and place a call to eLux asking them to call fedex to tell them when I will be home, and on and on and on.
  8. OMG I have these too ! and Sleepless nights thinking about if Im gunna get something or not :push: its so awful....but I only do it for LV :nuts:
  9. i am completely impatient. waiting til i get paid so i can get my dentelle speedy!
  10. lol..this is totally how I am right now...
  11. Anxiety is fine, it happens often when I go to LV, not so much anymore though. As long as there are no panic attacks. ^_^
  12. lol i'm having an attack right now lol! Like you, I *should* be studying Physio or do some readings, but it's soooooo HARD!!! I've found the best way to cure these attacks is to go buy something, even if it's small lol... well this only lasts 3 days 'til the next attack lol
  13. Same here.
  14. Don't get attacks here, I get impatient...I'm waiting to get my __________ on Monday!
  15. OOOooohh..whatcha getting karman??!?!