Do you guys fully enjoy all your bags???

  1. This is not specific to Balenciaga per se, but recently I've gotten the vert gazon GH city, and then I got a Royal Blue Bay from Chloe, and then I got a Coach bag. All within the span of 2 months say. Now I feel all confused about what to use? Plus I've got other bbags, etc that I just don't know how to fit them all in. It seems like before I can even get a bag and start to use it, there is something else I want. (like jaune, which I'm on the list for)....

    Any words of wisdom :confused1: I'm seriously beginning to think there is such a thing as too many bags, and that I have a problem :wtf:
  2. I think it all comes in waves... sometimes you're on a buy spree and sometimes I feel like you do - that I don't have enough time to enjoy all my bags b/c there's too many and I don't want to be a collector.. and so I purge a few.. it's hard to do.. but for the most part it works out! More time for the bags you really love to death!
  3. I wore myself out on logo bags. My LV collection was ridiculous and boring. Snore. I love that w/ Balenciaga you just coordinate w/ your outfit. I don't like to be too matchy matchy :throwup: , but coordinating a little.

    Maybe it is because you have so many different designers?

    I got rid of all of my LV's with the exception of some assec. and my batignolles horizontal. All of my Tod's, Gucci and Dior are gone too. I did keep a classic prada evening bag though that is for very special occasions.
  4. I definitely enjoy them :yes:

    I carry my Vert d'eau first prob. 6 days out of the week :love: In fact, I was telling my Mom last night that she had some "scuffs" on her corners & she was actually HAPPY about it b/c it means I'm using her. She was nervous I'd never use her & just admire her in my closet.

    There were sooo many colors I wanted this season - but I think realllllly hard about what size/color I will actually use. I don't think it makes sense to spend $995+ on a bag and not use it ALOT, but that JMO :shame:
  5. I went a on a "bag binge" in February/March. They are all bags I love, but I felt like there were always more bags I wanted.

    But it made me sad to think that these lovely bags weren't getting used enough, so I went on a bag ban. I switch bags every day, but I still feel that I have so many "new" bags I don't get to use them as often as I'd like.
  6. Yeah, I need to think more like you. For my pocketbook, and to get full enjoyment. I never keep a bag long enough for it to look "used" or even loved... You've definitely got the right idea.

    Shasta - I don't think it's because I'm switching brands. honestly, I couldn't only have bbags, or only chloe, etc.. Only one of my bags has a logo, so that's not it either.

  7. Oh yeh!!! I enjoy all of mine. If I don't, then it goes on the chopping block. I'm purging 4 of mine this week. And actually, one it's really hurting to get rid of it, but it's just not cutting it color it's got to go. I can't have a $1000 bag just sitting there looking pretty in my closet. I want someone to enjoy it.
  8. i will admit, when ever i get a new bbag, I use it for about a month straight then it sits in the closet for while. If it's there for too long, i resell it. I try not to sell for too low, but if i lose only $100 over 3 months, it doesn't bother me because you can't even borrow a bag for that price.

    so no, I don't get complete use out of all my bbags. :shrugs:
  9. It's hard to use them all (and I don't have that many) but it's also hard to stop buying new ones (damn those colors!).

    I actually came to a big decision today...I'm not putting myself on the list for violet OR yellow. I really want a violet mini b and a yellow day, but I'm going to be a big girl and pass this season. Why?

    1) Because I'm just at the point where I do struggle to use all my bags regularly.
    2) I'm still in debt from the four I bought last year and the two I bought this year!
    3) My living room chairs desperately need to be recovered -- and that's the cost of a City.
    4) I want to go to Africa next year, and that's a pricey trip.

    So I'm not putting myself on the lists. And I will use the bags I have more often. Already it's been a month since I last used my Rouille Twiggy, and I love her!

    If by the fall I'm in better financial shape AND am using my bags, I'll call Kim and see what she can do for me. But as of today, I'm holding steady with 5 bags and a clutch.
  10. I got caught up in only carrying one brand. first Louis Vuitton, then Chloe, then tired of my Bbags and sold it all, every last one, every wallet, every Boobie. And I carried only a cheap wallet for a while.

    Then I bought a Coach bag, then a Celine (ok 4 Celine bags) and so on. Then I bought a Marine City that I LOVE. I have only carried it a few times, but carrying something different every few days sure does make me love my bags again.

    Bbags have been the most high maintenance bags I have ever carried. Always worrying about the handles darkening, the corners wearing. I never worried about that with any other bag. So I stressed over it!

    So my Marine blue will be joined by the Magenta City LE in August. It will be interesting to see if the Marine City is still in my possession in August!

    I have enjoyed carrying my Celine Bittersweets more than any other bag I have ever owned.
  11. There is one bag in my collection which has seen the light of day only once. And that makes me sad. I'm usually able to use all my bags regularly (and enjoy them all very much), but this one neglected bag is making me a little depressed. I guess it's a sign that it's time to let her go! (I hate evilBay, though)
  12. I seem to be a "one bag woman." I seem to like to carry the same bag day in, day out. For me, it's my Blue Inda Part Time.

    So why do I keep buying?

    I don't know. I think I have a problem. It's the excitement of getting something new ... but then it's so expensive that I don't want to use it in case I want to return or resell ... and so it goes. The vicious cycle continues... I have two bags arriving tomorrow....:wtf:
  13. Ack, I've been asking myself the same question especially when I feel so guilt-ridden lately. Honestly, I'm not enjoying ALL of my bags. I tend to use my newest ones which happen to be b-bags. They also feel more stylish and of-the-moment. I'm feeling so bad for banishing my LVs and Guccis to a dark corner but they feel too structured, too logoed, or too dressy right now. I don't sell my bags so they really are gathering dust in my closet. :sad: I hope, one day, they will become all the rage again so I'll feel right about wearing them. Maybe give or take 5-10 years? :p
  14. donna! glad to see you're back on the bbag bandwagon. yay:yahoo:
  15. I was telling a TPF member the other day that I felt bad because I have not used my Extra Courier in a couple of weeks. I took him to Hong Kong and then put him away and he has not been out the house makes me a bit sad. Hence why I made the effort today to wear him out and it feels nice -- however I just spotted a black Weekender from a TPF member who I trust completely in my price range and I am dying to buy it.

    Argh! Decisions! The only reason I hestitate is because I just spent so much on the Extra Courier and my grandma, so buying the black Weekender would be on the credit card for at least 3 months -- ugh.

    I was not made to be poor -- cute yes -- poor no!

    And oh -- HI YOU LOVELY LADIES! :graucho: