Do you guys find out sometimes they use rough canvas on the side of bag?

  1. I found out they use rough canvas on the side of my MC speedy which makes me want to exchange.

    The panda pouchette I got. Same thing, the side of the bag, they use rough canvas. not as smooth as the main body.

    Is this common? Or i am just bad luck?

  2. It's not the same material as they use on the outside of the bag. it's common, but if you want to be sure please post some pics!
  3. I'm sorry, I don't really understand. What do you mean by "rough" canvas on the side? Do you mean the leather on the edges are rough, or the canvas itself becomes rough?
  4. the canvas is not smooth, maybe you didn't have this problem. just not the same canvas. poorer quality. looks like when they silk screen the canvas, there are some dusts on the surface. I am sorry I can not describ that well.
  5. Could you possibly take some close-up detailed pics?
  6. ya that's a good idea!

    I feel really dumb and stoopid now cuz I'm still not understanding exactly what you mean, even with your explanation lol! I'm so sorry! but if it helps, my MC speedy's two pieces of canvas on the sides are actually SMOOTHER than the main body piece in the front. I guess what I mean is that some of the canvas can be more or less bumpy than others, and when I say "bumpy" I mean, the BIG bumps. So for you do you mean something like this, or the roughness you're referring to is like "sandpaper"???

    Either way, if the canvas really bothers you, just go to the boutique to exchange for another one!:yes:
  7. The canvas is supposed to be textured, not smooth. If there's dust on it, simply wipe the canvas with a damp cloth.
  8. I couldn't take the picture. It will not show that clearly.
    There are tiny bumps. dust under the silk screen. Looks like when they do the silk screen, there are some dust on the canvas. Not that noticable. just the side of bag have different canvas with the main body. Main body have no that problem.

    for example when you polished your nails, if you didn't do it well, it will have bumps on your nail, if you have some dusts on your nail, you didn't wipe it, and you polished your nail ,it will show the nail is rough not smooth. hope this can explain better.
  9. I think I have an idea of what you mean now. Don't worry, some of my bags have the same bumps you're talking about.
  10. thanks! My panda pouchette has the same problem. the side of the bag. I think the LV people knew that, that's why they did on purpose to put to the side of the bag, not the main body.
  11. I think I know what your talking about!! They look like the tiny air bubbles you get when you paint and as a result when it drys you see and can feel tiny bumps on the surface. I think a good amount of MC items have that problem although I'm not sure if they would take the time to look that closely and intentionally put it on the sides, but it is a possiblity.
  12. I have no idea, never seen it or felt anything like it. Please do post pictures!
  13. Yes, I think you knew exactly what I am talking about. I went to the store the other day, I found the multicolor all have this problem.