Do you guys find out Multicolor there are some dots on the print?

  1. I found out the two sides of my MC speedy, The surface are not smooth as the main body. There are a lot dots. And Also I found there is a very very tiny chipped on a green flower. Looks like when the paint is not dry, something scatched it. Do I need return it or leave it alone? They are just little things, but bothering me. I am crazy I know. :crybaby:
  2. if you are with in the exchange period (14 days for boutique, 60 days for Saks :graucho:), then go and exchange. The paint will come off in the process of wear and tear.
  3. I think if it's bothering you, then definitely exchange it ~ if you're still at that time limit frame. If you think you can live with it then just enjoy your gorgeous bag.
  4. I just got it this Saturday. I am in the time frame
  5. it it's brand new and it's already chipping, I'd definitely bring it in
  6. I've had my MC Speedy for a little over 3 1/2 years and I can only count 3 teeny tiny flea bite chips.

    So if yours is chipping when you just barely got it then I would definitely exchange it.

    Be sure to investigate the next bag you exchange it for.
  7. I've found this many times when looking at brand new MC pieces. I exchanged my bag 3 times and I still ended up with one with minor flaws. I think it's just the nature of MC and you have to deal with it.
  8. What? that's crazy! definitely take it back - like the others have said, some chipping will eventually occur, but it shouldn't happen so soon! good luck, let us know what happens.
  9. I know exactly what you are talking about!! I would bring it back since its new and shouldnt already have a chip.