do you guys feel the gucci bumbag/fannypack?

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  1. im australia they are known as bumbags, the history behind it bieng that we are on the other side of the world and therfore everything must mean its oposite i.e. down under so a fanny actually refers to a lady's "frontal bottom" if that makes any sense(when it truely doesn't the guy who came up with this ideal must havebeen on crack or soemthing) but getting back to the topic, im a lv boy to the bone, but gucci is right next to one of my fave brands, i saw the bumbag at the store and though it was kinda cute something to wear shopping or clubbing at night, its $700 which is a bit steep for me right now cos i just bought a burberry scarf yesterday, and i'm only sixteen but i could do a few more shifts and get it but im not 100%, btw is it cheaper to by gucci in italy or anyother country in europe cos my family is going on a trip thier soon and maybe thay can get it cheaper
  2. im not into beltbags of any kind, but id go gucci if forced to haha. i have a hermes one that i should really get around to selling...