Do you go to sleep with music playing?

  1. I thought this might be an interesting topic....I use to not play music, but one day I listened to some of those relaxing cd's somewhere (you know the kind, ocean waves, thunderstorms, etc) and then I thought hey, maybe i should play this when im going to sleep...i mean its such a nice, calming sound, ya know? So I made a playlist on my ipod thats filled with relaxing music, and i just play it when im laying down on my ipod speaker thingy, and set a little timer so that it turns itself off after playing for an hour or so.

    Does anyone else do this? If you dont, you should try it! It really helps me relax and just chill out when I'm trying to go to sleep :yes:
  2. i don't! .. i would put like music, music on .. and i would end up singing the songs .. lol!

    my alarm clock has music on it .. like the ocean etc .. & i did try it .. but i couldn't fall asleep for some reason!

    .. but i do like to listen to the tv when i sleep. :smile:

    very nice that it works for you though .. :smile:
  3. heck no. I need quiet. I love waking up to music...CD which starts soft and gradually gets it!
  4. I've tried but the problem is that I stay up listening to the music lol :push:
  5. No, but I have to go to sleep watching Charmed:yes:.
  6. I go to sleep listening to this LA am news station called KNX1070. The guy's voice is soothing lol.
  7. I used to in high school...I'd have trouble going to sleep so I'd put an oldies station on and I'd be out in no time. I can sleep through anything now if I'm tired enough.
  8. sometimes i do, sometimes i don't.. it just kinda depends on my mood.
  9. I canNOT sleep when it's dead quiet . . . freaks me out.

    I fall asleep watching TV. I'll turn out the lights and put out the volume fairly low. (I used to set the sleep timer but I keep forgetting.)

  10. Me and my FH are the same way.

    I love listening to music to fall asleep or watching tv. If I do either I turn the volume down to the point where I can just hear it. If I take a nap when alone, I have the tv on, ALWAYS. Works Great!!!!

    However my FH can't fall asleep with music for some reason. So I've had to stop the music, but we sometimes fall asleep to the tv.

    But we ALWAYS have at least 2 fans going in the bedroom when we go to bed. We do this even in the winter.

    We both need "WHITE NOISE" to help us sleep. Plus it's been proven that a plain, repetative, white noise can help you sleep. It's especially helpful if you're a restful sleeper or if you have problems falling asleep, the white noise gives your brain something to focus on subconsiously.
  11. I do go to sleep with music on a lot or sometimes I pop a movie in and fall asleep watching that. There are rare occasions though when I like it pitch black and totally quiet. It sort of alternates.
  12. i do and i need it. if no music is available, then i put my ipod earphones under my pillow and put it to 'sleep' mode and it turns off after 30 minutes, after which time i've already passed out.

    otherwise, i need some sort of tv/talkng distraction. which is probably why i can fall asleep in class very easily.

    if no music, no ipod available, i then need some sort of white noise.. like a fan or my bunny drinking her water from the water bottle.. or even the sound of my fan from my computer.

    i get totally freaked out at the sound of nothing. totally creeps me out and i stay awake the whole night.

    sometimes i'll put the tv or dvd on too.. and just put the setting to like 20 min or so. if i'm still awake i turn it back on and put it on for another 20-40 minutes. the volume is down pretty low.. just low enough for me to hear it, but not low enough to make me TRY to hear it. same with music.. i can barely hear it, but not wonder what song i'm on. my itunes has it playing repeat all and shuffle all.. i even have a playlist titled "Sleep". mostly celine dion songs and some kelly clarkson, andrea bocelli, christina aguilera and some other soft songs.
  13. I always sleep with my tv on but set the timer so that it turns off after 2 hours... :smile:
  14. My fav. thing to watch on tv when falling asleep are the "Friends" DVDs. I love it because if you use the play feature, all the episodes on the dvd play in order.

    I HATE tv shows on dvd where you have to select each episode and go back to the start menu for each. Because it usually takes an hour or so for me to fall asleep and I hate having to wake up and start the next episode. :p
  15. oh i do the same exact thing!! I only put on my FRIENDS dvds too! Other dvd's make me stay awake cuz i don't watch them enough and want to pay attention. haha. for FRIENDS, i've practically memorized every episode so it's like "eh" so i can leave it on as white noise.